Vintage Style Glass Jars

Vintage, vintage everywhere!!! THE most popular theme at the moment for wedding favours, kitchens, bars and restaurants, cafes, shops, clothes, you name it it must be vintage!!! We are having lots of fun delving through our website putting a vintage collection together in one place making it easier for our customers looking for various items within this theme. This vintage jars and bottles category which only includes those items which we truly think fit the style.


The wonderful large chunky Bronte jars were used for sweets and grocery items in those wonderful shops that we miss so much now. School milk bottles are another well loved and remembered item along with the well loved swing stopper bottles. I remember these bottles under my Nanna's sink behind a little curtain on a wire. She used to send me down to the farm at the end of the road to buy cream soda and dandelion and burdock!!!

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