Weck Jars

Here is our range of authentic German weck jars, all jars withstands boiling, sterilising and processing time and time again. These glass weck jars include sealing rings and clips. Suitable for water bath and pressure canning, all of these glass jars have the embossed 'weck' logo on the side. A great selection of storage jars and suitable for all your fermentation needs. 

Why go for Weck Jars

Weck jars are sustainable and great for the environment as they rule out plastic waste. Not only are these jars great for the environment they also the perfect place to provide a great home for creating a nursery project to watch plants grow, you're also able to size up in jars once the plant grows out of the previous jar. Weck jars are unique from others as they have expertly designed metal claps that are perfect for canning and storage as well as them also being sustainable.


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