Mason Jars UK, Kilner Jars, Ball Mason Jars and Other Screw Top Preserving Jars

The ever popular range of Mason preserving jars, one of the largest mason jar ranges in the UK. Kilner preserving jars and the German Leifheit screw topped preserving jars. All these jars are often referred to as canning jars. The le Parfait Familia Wiss Range are also included in this category. All these jars are ideal for bottling and canning and come complete with screw bands and seals which are also sold separately for future usage. 

Canning Jars UK Delivered Range

Canning is a most useful system of preserving and can be applied to so many foods but here are some of then:  pickles, salsas, meats, poultry and seafood, fruits, soups, sauces, desserts and special diet foods. Looking for clip top preserving jars? Then go to clip top jars. For Mason and Kilner Drinking Mugs go to Drinking Mugs


If you need other size or shape of jar, check out our other glass jars!

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