Small and Miniature Glass Jars

Here we have put together all our small glass jars under 120ml. You will find small jars with twist off, screw and clip top lids. Customers often ask us for suggestions for wedding favours, small gifts etc, so we have put all our small and mini glass jars together in one section!

You may be looking for small bottles in which case we have put these together in a category of their own "small bottle selection"

Uses For Small Glass Jars

Often these small glass jars are used by artisan sellers for samples of their produce. When putting together a range of several flavours of jams, jellies or chutneys these miniature jars are ideal. Customers can put two or three similar sized jam jars together in a set making a lovely gift or to place in a hamper.

If you need other size or shape of jar, check out our full glass jar range!

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