Clip Top Glass Jars and Weck Jars

We have a wide range of clip top kilner jars. The standard (non-branded) range is excellent value for money and of good quality, complete with rubber seals and ideal for bottling fruit and vegetables. The well known French Le Parfait Range has a wonderful reputation for being robust and is engraved with the Le Parfait logo. The standard range is available in packs but we do offer the Le Parfait jars in singles. If you are looking for our screw top preserving jar range then visit our Mason and other Screw Top Preserving Jar page.


Glass Jars with Clip Top Lids

There are so many uses for our range of kilner-style clip top jars. They are very in keeping too with modern kitchen design. Customers use them for kitchen storage of dry produce but of course they are ideal for bottling fruits and vegetables. The small sizes are often used for jams, preserves and chutneys as well as products such as pickled onions, gherkins, peppers and so much more.                          

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