Kilner -Branded 350ml Round Clip Top Jar (sold in singles and packs of 3/6)

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Miss Matty Says...

Kilner Embossed round clip top jar very popular for storing preserves and dry foodstuffs.

Kilner 350ml Clip Top Glass Jar

Kilner Round 0.35L Clip Top Glass Storage Jar has the Kilner brand embossed in the front and is finished with an orange rubber seal. In contrast to other Kilner clip tops this jar has straight sides - as opposed to the tapered in look evident on the other jars. Perfect for storing dry foods stuff and also preserving fruits, jams and chutneys..  Please also see our full range of clip top jars and terrines.


Kilner Glass Jars

Each jar is made from high quality sodalime glass material with pristine clarity and consistent wall thickness ensuring no weak points. Featuring a high grade stainless steel clip system, engineered to create the perfect tension providing an airtight and secure seal every time. Keeping the contents fresher for longer. Each jar comes with a durable rubber seal.


Kilner Dimensions

  • Volume: 0.35 Litre (350ml)
  • Height: 110MM
  • Width: 105MM



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