Mason Preserving Jars

The ever popular range of Mason preserving jars, one of the largest mason jar ranges in the UK. All these jars are ideal for bottling and canning and come complete with screw bands and seals which are also sold separately for future usage. Canning is a most useful system of preserving and can be applied to so many foods but here are some of then:  pickles, salsas, meats, poultry and seafood, fruits, soups, sauces, desserts and special diet foods.

 Using mason jars

Mason jars have been popular in recent years as they are considered to be trendy for drinks events and often used in clubs and bars. they’re also used for dry storage of food, looking good on kitchen shelves especially when displayed in a variety of different sizes. Mason jars are often pictured in magazines filled with a variety of colourful items such as, yarns, strings, cottons, etc. Another popular use for our range of mason jars is including them in a picnic filled with salads of various kinds. 

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