Glass Milk Bottles (8 Sizes) - Wide Range of Packs


Notice: Dairy Farmers - If you are currently experiencing high demand for milk bottles, we have plenty in stock and ready to deliver. Order below or call our team on 01477 537224.


Discover our wide range of glass milk bottles with lids. Sizes range from the mini milk bottle 60ml all the way up to 1 litre. All milk bottles have lids in various colours and designs and some are presented in crates. For those looking for milk bottles with straws this are included in our range as well.


The Glass Milk Bottle & Mini Milk Bottle - Perfect For Parties and Gifts.

Glass milk bottles are so popular these days in restaurants, for children's parties or just for use in the home. They look so bright and cheerful on a party or picnic table especially the ones with the spotty lids and straws!!  The larger sizes of milk bottle are perfect for fridge storage of milk and juices - take straight from the fridge to the kitchen table. Our mini and small glass milk bottles are equally as useful and are perfect for smaller drinks.


Full Bottles Range: Shop our glass bottle range here!

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