Ball Mason Jars Preserving Starter Kit - Perfect as a gift or for those starting out

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Ball Mason - Preserving Starter Kit 

Home preserving starter kit, great for keen jam makers and beginners alike, Includes basic tools you need for making your own jams and preserves, Enjoy fresh produce all year round, From Ball.


Set includes:

  • 4 X 240ml Ball Jars with silver 2 part lids.
  • Preserving rack with lifter
  • Jar Lifting Tool
  • Bubble removing tool
  • Preserving guide and recipe booklet

Containing glass jars, a preserving rack and a lifting tool, this set has everything you need to turn fresh produce from your garden or the supermarket into your own homemade, vacuum-sealed jams, pickles and chutneys. If you’re new to the world of preserving, the included instruction booklet will guide you through the batch-making process in three easy steps. Compact in size, it is easy to pack away and store, making it suitable for even the smallest of kitchens. For added convenience, it has dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning.




2 Reviews

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    6th Dec 2022


    does the job

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    Ball Mason Jars Preserving Starter Kit

    13th Oct 2020


    I was disappointed with this kit for the price. The sales blurb needs to say what size the basket is, as it does not fit into my one 'normal' size pan that is deep enough to waterbath the 4 small jars that came with the kit, and that pan is not deep enough for all my other jars. It is also way too small for my big stock-pot into which I can get 7 of the 12oz jars loose, but if using this basket only 4 jars. Therefore, the basket is completely useless to me. I was also disappointed by the 'Recipe Booklet'. It is a tiny, flimsy folded paper leaflet, which will start falling apart soon, and only has 3 simple recipes in it, 2 of which call for a specific 'Ball' produced ingredient, i.e. 'Ball Jam Setting Mix with Pectin' which I've never heard of and suspect you can't get in the UK, even if I wanted to. As bottling recipes are very specific so as to avoid risks of contamination during processing, I think this is unnecessary marketing of a product that many people won't want to use or can't get. I've made jam for years anyway, and never added anything other than fruit & sugar & sometimes lemon & apple cores! The general introduction to bottling and water-bathing is useful. Also the funnel is well designed to avoid drips, & the measuring gauge and tongs are useful - though the black plastic attachments on the tongs keep falling off. The jars are also good, but I didn't really need them, as I was ordering other jars separately. However, I would like to have had the opportunity to buy the tongs, measuring stick and funnel separately, which is what I wanted to do, but the only way I could get them was as part of this kit, Given that the basket is useless to me and the recipe booklet info. is freely available elsewhere, I don't think it is value for money.

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