Enamel Cookware & Enamel Kitchenware

Best Enamel Cookware Range in the UK

Welcome to our enamelware department. We are proud to stock a broad range of Falcon enamelware, from traditional blue and white enamel plates, to enamel tea pots, pudding basins, roasters and even enamel bread bins! A wide range of blue and white enamel cookware is available here, along with vitreous enamel cookware which also proves very popular amoung our customers.

Traditional Enamelware For A Vintage Feel

Just a few years ago, the main purpose of enamelware was to cook with and to take on camping trips to avoid breakages. Traditional enamelwares are still widely used for these reasons, but more recently with the revival of the "vintage" trend, we now supply a lot of blue and white enamel plates and other items in our range to bars, restaurants and gift-makers. Falcon Enamelware is famous for its distinctive look and durability, and enamel cookware items are often passed down through generations.


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