​Winter meals in traditional enamel oven dishes

​Winter meals in traditional enamel oven dishes

Posted by The Wares Team on 12th Oct 2021

The temperatures are dropping and our minds are turning to delicious, healthy and hearty meals that make the most of seasonal fare. Think long, slow-cooked casseroles and sets, steaming pies, rich lasagnas, roast dinners and other treats. Absolutely mouthwatering!

And one of the many joys of cooking in autumn is that it is such a fun activity to do. Unlike summer, when the weather is hot and we all want to be outside, autumn encourages us to linger in the kitchen with a tipple of choice, our favourite cookbook and perhaps a podcast in the background.

It's also a great time to stock up on enamel dishes and enamel plates which perform beautifully for this type of cooking and which also look gorgeous in your kitchen. Durable, attractive, natural and designed to last the test of time, enamel dishes are also extremely versatile and come in a range of designs, shapes and styles for all tastes and needs.

We have stocked up in advance this season as our customers have already told us that they want to buy beautiful enamel plates, cups, dishes, and other types of tableware, so please see our latest product range on the website for inspiration and more details.

What will you cook?

You'll find a wonderful range of traditional Falcon enamelware products at Wares of Knutsford, including pie dishes and enamel plates for serving. These products are such high quality that they are often passed down through the generations, so you really will be investing in kitchenware designed to last the test of time, something highly appealing to people trying to minimise their waste and to recycle as much as possible.

But the benefits of this hard-wearing attractive material don't end there! Because enamelware is naturally light, many of our customers find it far easier to use for serving than heavy clay or ceramic casserole dishes which can be extremely challenging to lift when filled! Vintage themed enamelware also looks beautiful on any kind of display, and you'll find some very pretty designs in our range to give your kitchen a refresh.

Cosy casseroles

Treat yourself to a series of enamel dishes to suit all group sizes and occasions and you'll be set up for the season ahead. The great thing about oven based casseroles is that they are baked and served in one dish and completely minimise cleaning. Try a classic one-pot mac 'n cheese with added crispy bacon and greens stirred into the cheesy sauce, or treat yourself to an indulgent lasagne with plenty of bechamel sauce. It's also easy to make a gratin in an enamel dish. Blanche your favourite vegetables and bake them with cheese and breadcrumbs over the top. Cauliflower and broccoli are a great choice - and cauliflower also makes a wonderful mac 'n cheese alternative.

If you're craving rich flavours, why not try a beef casserole with plenty of casserole vegetables such as shallots, turnips, carrots and tomatoes. A splash of red wine will deepen the flavour, as will a side dish of slowly baked red onion and cabbage, served with tangy goats cheese crumbled on top. Classic shepherds pie is also delicious and a great hit with all ages - try stirring in a tin of beans to make your meat go further and swap out a mashed potato top for mashed sweet potato for extra vitamins and minerals.

Enamel dishes for the perfect pie

What sort of pie will take your fancy this season? Why not try a traditional steak and kidney pie or serve up a rich plant-based vegetarian pie packed with flavoursome winter root vegetables and richly spiced lentils in a gravy? Or maybe your pie ambitions are on the sweeter side and your family is clamouring for seasonal Bramley apple and blackberry pies served up with lashings of fresh custard? Bread and butter pudding is also a wonderful choice for using up old crusts, or you can make it fancy with stale croissants or brioche, with creme fraiche to serve. Let inspiration - and the contents of your kitchen garden, freezer and foraging supplies - guide you!

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