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Baking Equipment

Discover our wide range of baking equipment including baking pans, mixing bowls, pudding basins, cake making accessories, baking tools and pie dishes. Enjoy browsing each category to discover the wide range of products within! Our baking tin collection contains ten sections of baking pans; baking sheets, deep cake pans, loaf tins, mini cake tins, multi hole cake pans, quiche tins, sandwich pans as well as shaped and spring form cake pans. 


Let's Get Baking - Here's Our Home Baking Equipment Shop!

It's time to get baking! Wares of Knutsford stocks a wide range of home baking equipment to satisfy all your kitchen needs. Explore our wide range of baking accessories and cookware to compliment your culinary creations and reach new depths in your baking prowess!


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