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Kilner Jars, Kilner Bottles, Drinking Mugs, and Kilner accessories

The original Kilner Jars date back to the 1840s and were first invented by John Kilner and Co. in England.   Sadly the original company went out of business some years ago. However the Rayware Company now own the brand which they have built up not only to include preserving jars in the original Kilner style but also a range of Kilner bottles, coloured jars, accessories, drinkware home brew kits and even the much sought after Kilner Fruit Press! In this category we have brought together all Kilner products from throughout our website.  

Kilner Drink Dispensers

Our new range of Kilner drink dispensers in both 5L and 8L sizes and traditional or vintage styles has proved very popular with our customers. These Kilner drink dispensers are ideal for barbeques, garden parties, weddings and much, much more. Now available in clear or coloured glass too!

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