​Why choose clip top jars?

​Why choose clip top jars?

Posted by The Wares Team on 8th Mar 2024

At Wares of Knutsford, one of our top selling lines of glass jars and bottles is the humble clip top glass jar. Clip top jars are always popular with our customers for a range of purposes, from preserving to food storage, and these ingenious multi-tasking wonders are a tried-and-trusted way to keep food fresh in the kitchen. So in this post, we're going to take a closer look at this type of glass jar and consider why you might choose them for your own home.

What should I know about clip top glass jars?

Clip top jars are available from a range of well known brands, including Weck, Le ParfaitKilner and Kitchen Craft, and we also stock a large range from Wares of Knutsford direct. These clip top jars often have a reusable rubber seal, which is ideal if you're making things for longer-term storage, such as jam, preserves, terrines, pickles or even fresh goods such as coleslaw. The rubber seals tend to degrade over time, but you can buy replaceable rubber seals to extend the life of your clip top jars. The great thing about glass, of course, is that it can last virtually forever if you take care of it. What's more, glass is environmentally friendly as it's completely recyclable, it doesn't release any chemicals into your food (unlike plastic storage), it's affordable, and it also looks beautiful!

Are clip top jars hygienic?

clip top jar will be hygienic provided that it has been sterilised. It's important always to sterilise glass jars when you are preserving food because this will remove any bacteria, fungi, yeasts and other types of organisms from the jar, to keep the food fresh once the vacuum is sealed. Generally, a water bath is the most popular method of doing this, but you can also use sterilising tablets, dishwashers and microwaves. It's important to dry the rubber seals once they have been sterilised, and they should be regularly checked for signs of cracking, which means that they have begun to degrade and will need to be replaced.

Are clip top jars air tight?

Yes, clip top jars are designed to be air tight which makes them ideal for bottling fruit and vegetables and for making fermented foods, flavoured gins and so forth. For example, clip top Kilner jars are very popular with our customers, and they come with distinctive orange and white rubber seals, which ensure that the resulting seal is air-tight. Le Parfait glass jars are also very popular and a great clip top jar with many uses.

Do clip top jars keep food fresh?

Yes, clip top jars are great for keeping food fresh because they create an air-tight seal that keeps bacteria and other organisms out and helps the food to last without preservatives. These glass jars are also great for general food storage and service as you can keep them in the fridge, filled with pre-made meals for travelling and eating on the go!

What other reasons might I have for buying clip top jars?

Clip top jars are extremely versatile. You can use them to make sauerkraut, store preserved fruits and vegetables from allotment gluts, store jam and chutney, and make up meal prep dishes such as overnight oats or soups. You can also use them around the house to store craft items, buttons, ribbons and so forth, and to make your craft room look absolutely beautiful. After all, nothing looks better than a row of glass jars filled with beautiful, brightly-coloured bits and bobs. A glass clip top jar is also a great choice for things like bath salt storage and for pouring your own candles, so they really are incredibly versatile, not to mention inexpensive. The mini versions of clip top jars are also extremely popular for wedding favours.

Where can I buy a clip top jar?

Check out our fantastic glass clip top jar range at Wares of Knutsford! We regularly update our product lines with new releases and pride ourselves on offering the best products at the most competitive prices - with low-cost, fast delivery, bulk buy discounts for even better unit prices and the most impressive customer service possible! This style of glass jar looks absolutely beautiful in your kitchen, and you can use them for display purposes as well. For example, why not invest in lots of miniature clip jars to store your spices or cake making toppers? They'll look so pretty in a row on a shelf and double up as a decoration for your kitchen as well as an air-tight, functional storage item.

See our full range here!

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