​Weddings are back!!

​Weddings are back!!

Posted by The Wares Team on 25th Mar 2021

Oh the excitement! Put the kettle on. Grab your notebook, daily planner, calendar and your mood board. Bring some coloured markers, Post-it Notes and a tape measure. We are going to savour every second of wedding planning joy. It’s good to be back!

After all the delays, cancellations and confusion it’s wonderful to have some clarity and hope for summer weddings this year. The government recently released key dates for weddings, contingent on satisfying stringent Covid requirements.

In a sweet almond nutshell, tiny weddings with a 15 guest maximum will go ahead from April 12, increasing to 30 guests from May 17, and social distancing measures will be lifted nationally on June 21. These dates are the earliest we can expect changes to be rolled out. The general consensus is that by mid-July we could be celebrating weddings of up to 40 guests across the country.

Miniature wedding favours in high demand

Lockdown-inspired micro weddings took on a life of their own. Big weddings evolved into big attention to detail. Bridal couples and wedding planners embraced the micro wedding trend with mindful joy. Every moment was examined for opportunities to personalise and commemorate, with an attention to detail Sherlock himself would envy.

The bespoke personal nature of a micro wedding appeals to happy couples across the country. So much so, the micro wedding is one of the top wedding trends this year. The traditional big, bold nature of weddings has been replaced with something altogether more personal and intimate. Our collective experience of lockdown has influenced our collective appreciation of simple things, such as a meal, for example. The significance of attending a cosy celebratory dinner at a much-loved restaurant now feels incredibly special.

Happy couples relish the opportunity to treat their guests to personalised gifts and mementoes. Virtual guests enjoy miniature bottles of prosecco or homemade gin to celebrate. Menus are carefully crafted to cater for the smallest detail. Miniature bottles of spirits or wine, personalised stationery, scented candles and even gifting a stay at the country hotel where the micro wedding took place give you an idea of how happy couples are choosing to celebrate with their guests.

Micro world of wedding favours help set the scene

Capturing a wedding day has taken on an energy of its own. Our experience with the virtual world over the past 12 months has schooled us on the importance of aesthetics. Wedding planners are creating picture perfect statement backdrops and ‘tablescapes’ to help frame the special day. Opportunities to create beautiful personalised wedding gifts have skyrocketed.

Every aspect of the celebrations is mined for opportunities to personalise and accessorise. From personalised miniature bottles filled with a favourite cocktail to the rustic beauty of glass jars decorated with pressed flowers used for flickering homemade candles, expect tablescapes to be detailed and elaborate this year.

The excitement of celebrating together combined with the joy of a wedding has created some spectacular trends. Happy couples are celebrating every detail of a small wedding now, while planning a bigger party at a later date.

Wares’ wonderful wedding favours

Our treasure trove of wedding favour materials are in high demand. In addition to the traditional role of wedding favours on the day, we are also seeing our miniature bottles and jars used to create stunning tablescapes as well as gorgeous thank you trinkets for virtual guests.

For instance, our 100ml glass Gladstone bottle, with its gorgeous flowing lines and corked stopper, provides a beautiful rustic option. The wedding section of our website features quality bespoke glassware and beyond, including ribbons, gift boxes, detailed and intricate tags and stationery.

Wedding favours take on deeper significance

The depth of meaning attached to a wedding day cannot be over stated. Now more than ever we treasure the idea of gathering together to celebrate love. We’ve had time to reflect on what is truly important to us, and happy couples across the country are extending gratitude to guests with personalised gift cards, in addition to traditional wedding trinkets.

The deeper significance of coming together to celebrate will help define wedding celebrations worldwide this year and beyond. There’s something special about our collective attention to detail where love is concerned. With all the pressure of lockdown and being forced to stay away from each other, it appears love really does conquer all. Throughout it all every small gesture has been magnified and amplified to help express the true nature of love.

Gratitude, togetherness and sharing. The power of the bonds that bind us, no matter how far apart we are. We have lived these truths these past 12 months. Here’s to all the wedding planners and happy couples celebrating the minutiae of a wedding day. What a special time this is.