More Homemade Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

More Homemade Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Posted by The Wares Team on 20th Mar 2020

Following on from our earlier blog post about Mother’s Day, and what to give your Mum as a gift this Sunday, we’re carrying on with some more ideas and this time we are focusing on baking. From pies to puddings and from cakes to cookies, baking a gift for your Mum could be the perfect solution for what to do when we are being urged to stay at home and avoid non-essential shopping.
And if your Mum is likely to have to self-isolate from this weekend, either through age or because of an underlying medical condition, then having a home-baked treat could be just the thing to lift her spirits. Let’s get started with some Mother’s Day baking ideas.
A Gift That Conjures Up Memories

Do you have fond memories of learning to cook with your Mum? Of mixing bowls filled with sticky, and yummy, cake mix, with as much flour on the work surfaces and the floor as there was in the bowl? If those two sentences make you smile fondly, imagine how they’ll make your Mum feel on Sunday if you bake her something that you used to make together when you were a child!

It might be something quite challenging from your teenage years, or it might just be some chocolate rice krispie cakes from when you were five years old. Either way, if you present your baked gift in an attractive way and outline exactly why you chose the cake you’ve made, your Mum will be absolutely delighted with it, we’re sure. It will also spark lots of memories and generate a conversation about those times - with both of you likely to remember small details that the other one has long forgotten!

Homemade Pies

Another great idea for Mums who may need to self-isolate and stay home much more in the coming weeks is to rustle up a batch of homemade pies that your Mum can put in the freezer. By making a few pies, some savoury and some sweet, you can impress your Mum with your baking skills and stock up her freezer with tasty ‘ready meals’ to use over the weeks ahead.

With grown-up children, older Mums, and Dads too for that matter, often find that they no longer have the drive to bake on a regular basis, so they resort to buying processed meals or taking a slightly haphazard approach to their diet. By making a batch of pies for your Mum, you can give her something nutritious and wholesome, and tasty too, and you can relieve the headache of shopping for meals for one, or possibly two.

Check out our enamelware range for pie dishes in every conceivable shape and size. The traditional blue and white enamel dishes from Falcon will get your Mum reminiscing too - these enamelware dishes haven’t changed a bit in looks and design since they were first launched back in the 1920s. They’ll be every bit as familiar to your Mum as they are to you, no matter how old your Mum is!

All The Ingredients For A Homemade Cake

If pies aren’t really your Mum’s thing, or you know that she has a particularly sweet tooth, why not put together all of the ingredients for a homemade cake for her instead, so that she can bake it herself? Whether it’s a simple Victoria Sponge or an elaborate, multi-tiered naked cake, you are best-placed to know exactly what your Mum would appreciate most.

Going back to those memories of mixing bowls filled with cake mixture, what was it that your family really enjoyed the most? Did Mum have a ‘speciality’ that got all the family excited when she baked it? Find a recipe for that cake online, or buy a recipe book that features it, and then add it, along with all of the ingredients, to a large mixing bowl and seal with cellophane.

Wrap a big ribbon bow around the bowl and add a gift tag to explain why you’ve chosen this gift for her. Your Mum is bound to be thrilled that you’ve taken so much time and care to put together a gift that is just for her! Check out our range of traditional mixing bowls to find the perfect size for your idea. Just like the Falcon pie dishes, mixing bowls haven’t changed much over the decades and the best ones are still made in the traditional way by Mason Cash, a firm that has stood the test of time due to the quality of its products.

With issues around non-essential travel and social distancing, it might seem quite complicated to come up with a lovely gift for your lovely Mum, but we hope we’ve given you some food for thought in today’s blog post. To lift everyone’s spirits in this troubling time, why not share your gift ideas with us online - we’re active on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and would love to hear from you on whichever platform suits you best!