Lunch in a jar

Lunch in a jar

Posted by The Wares Team on 22nd Jan 2021

Encouraging your family to eat healthy meals can be a battle, especially when it comes to preparation time and tantalising presentation. Then, the global pandemic propelled pedestrian domestic challenges beyond anything we imagined. We’ve been thinking of ways in which you can continue to entertain and nurture your family like stoic superstars. We’ve found a rainbow-hued solution you’re going to love.

Healthy lunches layered inside Mason glass jars

Lunch in a jar is a fantastic way to exploit your collection of Mason glass jars and clip top jars. Far from a fashionable fad, lunch in a jar reduces waste, saves you time and delivers delicious homemade food in a jiffy. Preparation is easy, storage is simple and the results are brilliant. Layering your jar is crucial to achieve maximum lunchtime lusciousness. Simply follow the instructions!

The method is marvellously easy. Line up your collection of freshly washed and dried Mason glass jars, clip top jars or other large jars with secure lids. Pour a portion of homemade dressing inside first. Then add layers of vegetables, legumes, pulses, protein and finish with salad herbs and leaves (see our solutions below for examples). Close the lid. Place inside the fridge.

Congratulations, you have lunch sorted for the next few days. After yet another morning juggling housework, working remotely and home schooling, you’ll feel like a rock star.

Lunch solutions for Mason glass jars

Once you’ve experienced how easy it is to make your own vinaigrette, you’ll never look back. For children who find the taste of anything vinegary or lemony face-scrunchingly awful, try a hummus dressing. Cynical family members can be converted by switching up the dressing until you (and they!) discover their favourite. The dressing is placed at the bottom of your Mason glass jars to avoid horrid soggy salad nightmares.

- Next, pop thinly cut handfuls of hardy vegetables inside. You’re looking for nourishing gems such as broccoli, carrots, radishes and cabbage. These nutritional wizards love their close proximity to the dressing. It softens them up and flavours them beautifully.

- Cheerful sweetcorn, peas, gregarious green beans and any other vegetable that won’t mind another couple of layers on top go in next.

- After those colourful characters, it’s time for your choice of starches, pulses and carbs. Sprinkle your cooked rice, couscous or spiral pasta. If you are a no-carb family, pulses are sensational sources of nutrition. If you’re feeling especially Nigella-ish, add in stealthy slivers of roasted butternut, gem squash, courgette, red pepper or aubergine.

- Time to finally use those leftovers. Place your favourite protein (chicken, fish, cheese) and subtly season to enhance those lovely leftover flavours.

- For the grand finale, finish with a smattering of delicate fresh herbs and salad leaves. Here at the top of the jar, they are safe from the dressing, protected by the rainbow army stacked below them.

Lunch in Mason glass jars saves on every level

As you already suspect, the savings are endless. We’ve jotted down a few of our findings.

You will stop asking the kitchen clock to explain Where Did The Morning Go? At the moment the concept of saving ourselves time has us trying anything. Alas, rustling up healthy lunches doesn’t happen by flinging fish fingers inside the oven (no matter how much we wish it did). Lunch in a jar rescues your schedule and your sanity with next to no effort.

You’ll discover a healthier version of yourself emerging. Savour the spectacular sensation of feeling steadily stronger just by changing one meal a day. The joy of witnessing family members robust and healthy during a frightening global pandemic is worth its weight in gold.

Your bank balance will notice the shift. Fish fingers add up. So do all those pre-packaged foods you’ve come to rely on to get you through. You’ll find shopping less of a chore, and there’s something strangely addictive about rummaging around the fruit and veg section for treasure.

Who knows, you may be inspired to offer lunch in a jar to lonely neighbours, leaving a jar on their doorstep and a note under their front door. Best of all, advance preparation cures the dread of figuring out What’s For Lunch. You simply smile mysteriously and tell them it’s a rainbow surprise.

Rainbow hued clip top jars packed full of nutrition

The concept of “eating a rainbow” sounds fantastical and lovely. Lunch in a jar makes this notion a literal reality. It’s impossible not to feel curiously happy seeing all those bright colours layered on top of each other. Turns out there are real health benefits to eating all seven colours, too.

Eating a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables helps to ensure we are delivering a variety of nutritional powerhouses to our hungry families. There’s no question we are all struggling with stress, anxiety and lunchtime lethargy. Lunch in a jar deals with the lot, all in one go. Bon appetite.