Jam jars in the garden...

Jam jars in the garden...

Posted by Lizzie Quarmby on 21st Aug 2018

There is no denying that Summer is here. The grass is growing, the trees have burst into leaf, the birds are singing, and the evenings are light and full of promise. For those of us with gardens, it is time to stop cosying up by the fire conjuring up plans for what we want to achieve outdoors this season and to get out there and start making the magic happen. This might involve creating some new beds, planting vegetables, or undertaking a mini-makeover of your plot. In today’s blog post we have some simple ideas for how to use jam jars around the garden to bring a touch of style and whimsy to your outdoor space.

Jam jars as garden decor

One of the simplest ideas for using some jam jars in your garden is to fill a batch of them with tealights or candles and position them to light a pathway or illuminate your patio. Place a tealight in each of your jam jars, then simply space the jars out along the side of the path. Light them at dusk and enjoy a magical, romantic atmosphere as you sit outside watching the last of the sun’s rays disappear.

You can also hang these ‘candle jam jars’ from low branches of trees or shrubs to create feature spotlights around the garden. If you have small children, they might enjoy checking these jars to see whether fluttering moths have been attracted by the light.

More ideas for jam jars

If you are planning a garden party or outdoor event and want to create a stylish impression, why not take a leaf out of the books of the trendy bars of Hoxton in London and serve funky cocktails in jam jars? This trend originated in these hipster bars but has now spread across the country – guests can be spotted with jam jar in hand at all the best outdoor parties these days! What could be nicer than a rhubarb-infused gin and tonic, for example, or perhaps a refreshing glass of Pimm’s and lemonade with ice, mint and a slice of cucumber?

To top off your garden party, you could adorn the tables with vases of flowers taken from your garden; again, instead of expensive vases, you could simply use jam jars. A standard 1lb jar will hold a pretty posy, whilst a mini glass milk bottle could hold a single stem of something special for a sophisticated and elegant look.