Bag A Bargain With Our Bulk Jam Jars

Bag A Bargain With Our Bulk Jam Jars

Posted by Lizzie Quarmby on 21st Aug 2018

At Wares of Knutsford, we work extremely hard to offer our customers the very best value for money across our entire range of jars, bottles and home preserving equipment. As bargain hunters everywhere know all too well, one of the best ways of saving money is to buy in bulk, with buying jam jars in bulk no exception. In today’s post, we explain why our bulk buy packs make so much sense and outline some of the jars that are available in larger quantities.

Who buys bulk jam jars?

People come to us to buy jam jars in bulk for all sorts of reasons. Some simply love making jams, pickles and preserves, and complete their entire Christmas gift list by creating a whole range of homemade delights. With plenty of friends and family to make gifts for, buying half a dozen jars here and there simply won’t cut it. A bulk pack makes much more sense for this type of home preserves enthusiast.

Artisan producers also find our bulk packs really handy. Many small-scale producers want to make up samples before committing to a wholesale order, while others like the flexibility of being able to buy in bulk without needing to meet a minimum order value. For producers such as these, our bulk packs offer the ultimate flexibility.

If you are keen on making your own pickles and preserves but don’t want to make a huge quantity, there are still ways to save. Why not club together with friends and family members to buy a bulk pack or two and split them once they have been delivered? In this way, everyone gets the benefit of the super-low prices that buying in bulk offers.

Why buying bulk jam jars makes sense

The most obvious benefit of buying jam jars in bulk is, of course, the cost saving that can be made. With bulk packs containing 100, 200 or 300 jars, prices really start to tumble. Our classic 1lb jar is even available in a super-sized pack of 500 jars!

Another benefit is that your jars will be with you in a single delivery. We have all been in the situation where we are inspired to start a preserving project, only to realise that we are clean out of empty jars. By buying in bulk, you should always have plenty of jars in store whenever you get the urge, or the ingredients, to make something new.

Why not check out our bulk packs now to see how much you could save?