Rubber Jam Jar & Bottle Easy Grip Opener

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Rubber Easy Gripper Jar and Bottle Opener


Struggling with tight jar lids? Ditch the frustration and grab the KitchenCraft Rubber Jar and Bottle Opener!


This handy gadget instantly boosts your grip thanks to its textured rubber surface. No more slipping or straining - just twist and open any jar or bottle, no matter how stubborn. Simply grip and twist.


Perfect for:

  • Anyone with limited hand strength or arthritis
  • Jars that seem impossible to open, even with all your might.
  • Anyone who wants to make opening jars a breeze!
  • Twist-off lids and caps.


Don't let tight lids win the battle anymore! Get the KitchenCraft Rubber Jar and Bottle Opener and experience the joy of effortless opening.

Handwash only.

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