Disposable coffee cups with lids, eco friendly plates and cutlery by Wares of Knutsford

Eco Friendly Takeaway Cups, Plates & Cutlery

Renewable and compostable sugarcane dinnerware is designed to be strong as well as grease and cut resistant. Sturdy and versatile the plates and bowls work well for a wide variety of foods. Bagasse tableware is an ideal alternative to traditional plastics or polystyrene because they are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibres. Our wooden cutlery is made from renewable birthwood and has a good rustic feel. Our PLA ranges of hot and cold cups are sustainable, renewable and made from plant-based material.

Sustainable Plant Based Disposables

Wares Cares is our moto and we have ensured that our ranges of disposable packaging are as eco friendly as possible. Paper and Card items are sustainably sourced, PLA and CPLA products are plant based and bagasse items are reclaimed sugarcane. Our palm leaf range of products are made from pressed area leaves and any inks used are vegetable or water-based.


Wares Cares

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