550 ml Square-Based Swing Top Glass Bottle (Sold Singly Or In Packs Of 6/12/18)

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Miss Matty Says...

This smart bottle is ideal for storing your oils or home made vinegars and condiments


Swing Stopper Glass Bottle


  • Square-based
  • The 550ml  bottle comes complete with a white resin stopper and seal
  • Lovely way to store and display your homemade beverages and oils


Glass Bottle Dimensions:


Volume: 550ml

Height: 27.5cm including stopper

Diameter: 6.5cm(base)

Colour: Clear

Packs: Sold in singles or a choice of three pack sizes

Please choose your pack size (price will update.)  For multiple packs don't forget the quantity box!

Please note that we do not accept liability for any usage problems encountered in a domestic environment.

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