​Why brown paper bags are in!

​Why brown paper bags are in!

Posted by The Wares Team on 14th Jun 2021

At Wares of Knutsford we absolutely love brown paper bags and we know that our customers do too! Brown paper bags have so many benefits over plastic alternative packaging, and we are investing in our new range of eco-friendly sustainable packaging to help our customers to enjoy the eco-friendly lifestyle as much as possible.

All the reasons to love brown paper bags

They are eco-friendly

Brown paper bags are earth-friendly and compostable, making them a fantastic choice when you want to avoid creating landfill with plastic or using tin foil which can be harder to recycle. Paper bags are easy, quick and require minimal intervention to be recycled. In fact they can be simply composted with food peelings to create nutritious soil to add back to the ecosystem. Paper is very easy to recycle and it can be recycled almost infinitely. Compare this to other materials such as aluminium and modern recyclable plastics. Yes, they can often now be reused in the packaging ecosystem, but it is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to recycle these materials. Not so with paper, which is the perfect eco product and wonderfully natural.

They work brilliantly for businesses

Forget environmentally damaging plastic carrier bags or expensive boxes. Paper bags are so easy for your business to use. Firstly, they can be printed with your business branding, using green inks if you wish, and they are robust enough to carry most items with ease. You can choose from a range of paper bags with different degrees of strength, and different sizes to suit your customers and your product range. They are easy to store and also cost-effective. What's more, your customers will love them.

We also sell our paper bag range in bulk sizes so that you can save on unit costs. Thanks to our recent move to larger premises we are able to stock larger pallets on-site and pass on the savings to our customers. You'll always enjoy highly competitive prices when you shop with Wares as we are committed to passing on cost savings as much as possible to our customers.

They can be dressed up

If you are using earth friendly paper bags to gift or to present a beautiful bought retail item then why not add pretty tissue paper, pretty ribbons, branded stamps or even colourful or glittered stickers for a personal finish? Children will enjoy customising them with pens and you can also buy coloured paper bags if they float your boat. You'll find paper bags of all sizes, including simple envelope style bags through to large and thick paper bags with handles for high-end occasions.

They are affordable

Paper bags are extremely affordable and work out to be cost-effective for all purposes, whether you are buying small disposable versions for packed lunches or large strong versions with rope handles for retail purposes. We sell in bulk so that you can enjoy competitive prices and we offer excellent rates on delivery too. Affordability is a key concern to businesses that are struggling to be as competitive as possible after the past year of challenge. Save money on your consumables whilst offering eco friendly packaging to your customers and you'll enjoy a win-win situation!

They look great

Natural brown paper looks smart and chic, and you can dress it up with branded stamps, ribbons, glitter and anything else you fancy depending on the occasion. Why not make your own party bags by adding neon or glitter star stickers for a fun and quirky finish? Many businesses are embracing paper bags because they look so natural and simple. If your brand's design is all about eco-friendliness and green credentials, paper bags, napkins, containers and other customer essentials will be ideal if they are presented in paper. You can choose bleached or unbleached options too to fit your aesthetic and your environmental credentials.

Using brown paper bags at home or at work

Whether you run a food or retail business or want to simply create a more environmentally friendly home, you will find a fantastic range of eco-friendly and sustainable products at Wares of Knutsford. We sell strong and sturdy paper bags which are all part of our eco-friendly policy. Check out our eco Vegware product range too, which we are continuing to grow. In this range, you'll find high-quality, environmentally friendly products such as paper napkins, paper cup and food holders, recyclable paper bags of different kinds and plenty of other compostable items.

The Wares of Knutsford difference

Whether you are looking to buy earth friendly paper bags, paper napkins, paper food holders or other key items from the recyclable Vegware range, you'll enjoy a superb service from Wares. We are constantly updating our product range with new releases and offer highly competitive delivery rates and fast fulfilment. If you have any queries please contact our team who will be delighted to help you.