​Why are glass bottles a better choice than plastic?

​Why are glass bottles a better choice than plastic?

Posted by The Wares Team on 19th Jan 2022

It's a new year and a fresh start, so what better time to upgrade your kitchen supplies? And at Wares of Knutsford, we have stocked up with a fantastic selection of glass bottles and jars because we know our customers love the beauty and environmentally-friendly credentials of one of the oldest materials on the planet... especially when compared to potentially-damaging single-use plastic alternatives.

So if you're thinking about kitchen projects - bottling, jams or preserves, interior decor or gifts this year, then here are some of our favourite reasons to invest in beautiful, timeless glass rather than plastic alternatives.

Endlessly recyclable and kinder to the planet

Glass can be recycled almost infinitely and it has an endless range of applications. So the beautiful glass bottle you are appreciating now may have previously formed any number or variety of glass items before it was recycled into its current incarnation. This is a great way to support the green economy and to maximise recycling. Remember too that for every glass bottle you choose to buy and keep, one less plastic alternative is needed in production - keeping damaging fossil fuels and carbon emissions out of the environment.

Naturally more attractive

Glass is incredibly beautiful and nothing beats the sight of pretty glass bottles in front of a window or a source of light. The material catches the light like no other and coloured glasses are a work of art in their own right. Many of our customers choose to buy coloured glass bottles in different sizes, shapes and designs to create designs and to decorate their interiors, particularly for more vintage style kitchens.

Excellent properties

Glass has a number of properties that makes it a better choice when compared to plastic. For example, it is better at holding carbonation and flavour than plastic, making it the best choice for drinks. Dark coloured glass is also the best choice for medication, essential oils, beauty products and other delicate products. Beer, medication and other products are often presented in amber bottles, for example, as these naturally block out UV light. It can be easily rendered sterile, and - despite having a reputation for being fragile - glass can be surprisingly strong, certainly when compared to thin and disposable plastic alternatives. Look after your glass and it can pass through generations.

Better at displaying the product

Nothing looks lovelier - or more high end - than attractive glass bottles that display intriguing ingredients. Consider pastel coloured bath salts with rose petals or dried lavender. These look wonderful stored in large glass jars with wide lids and a ready scoop. Tall glass bottles filled with homemade cordials, raspberry gin, or homemade wine are naturally enticing and make a wonderful gift. You can even arrange a series of brightly coloured cordials, tinctures, alcoholic beverages or jams in clear jars and bottles to display a variety of colours and shades - nothing looks nicer than a summer's worth of garden produce made into jellies and jams, for example.

A wide variety of shapes

Glass can be moulded using a variety of techniques and the resulting finishes can be incredibly beautiful to look at - whether they have the simple form of a retro glass milk bottle or a beautifully shaped piece of glass art. Many of our customers display glass jars and bottles of different shapes for visual interest in their kitchen. For example, a row of different coloured bottles of jam jars look really pretty, especially when they are filled with tempting treats and labelled to go!

Different caps and lids

Different products need different types of lid - and accessibility issues also mean that some customers prefer a certain type of lid or screw top over another. For example, some of our customers enjoy making sauerkraut and fermented vegetables and choose Mason jars and bottles with airtight lids. Others opt for corks for homemade wines, and many choose cork lids or screw caps for homemade bath salts or 'cookie ingredient' gift jars. If you aren't sure which bottle cap or lid is best for your project, the Wares of Knutsford team is here to help!

Tried and tested

History suggests that glass may have been around for 7,000 years when the Phoenicians first recorded its use. So it's safe to say that this natural and beautiful product has stood the test of time and isn't going anywhere fast! At Wares of Knutsford, we are constantly updating our lines of glassware, so you can find that perfect dark blue glass bottle for your homemade aromatherapy salve or stock up on large bottles to try that new year winemaking or homebrew project.

Whether you are buying for the home or for your small business, Wares offers the finest products at the best prices - and our customer service is second to none. Please contact our team with any queries that you might have, and sign up to our newsletter for the latest news, competitions and offers. Discover the Wares difference today!