​Wedding planning with glass jars and bottles

​Wedding planning with glass jars and bottles

Posted by The Wares Team on 15th Dec 2021

It will soon be wedding season once again, and savvy brides and grooms everywhere are planning well ahead to create the perfect big day, with plenty of personalisation, thoughtful touches, and a budget that won't break the bank!

With some advance preparation and a little creativity, it's possible to create an absolutely beautiful day that everyone will remember forever. And you can be environmentally friendly at the same time by limiting plastic and choosing to use as many 'green' products as possible, such as glass wedding favour jars, jute ribbons, beautiful paper and soy wax candles.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some great ideas for using glass for the most beautiful, versatile and 'green' effect possible:

Floristry centrepieces

Florists love to use oversize glass bowls and jars to create stunning table centrepieces, but you could easily do your own! Buy your blooms from a local florist, online via the florist market or even from a market yourself (some enterprising brides even grow blooms to cut in season). Large lilies look wonderful in tall and structural bottles, and small pretty posies look very sweet in milk bottles. Roses and peonies will look fabulously elegant and luxurious when grouped into sturdy glass jars and decorated with raffia, ribbon or even lengths of lace tied into a ribbon.

You don't even need to use blooms. Beautiful foliage is very much on-trend and dried grasses also look beautiful and provide structure and visual interest to more rustic themes. Otherwise why not try dried flowers for a vintage look? Dry lavender and bunch it into small glass bottles with pretty ribbons for a table decoration that will smell as good as it looks.

Water features

You could also create floating water-themed decorations with floating candles that sit in coloured water with decorative stones. Younger guests absolutely love these! Look for a large bowl with a relatively flat base for stability and create a very soothing decoration that will look wonderful in photos, and be extremely easy to create.

Wedding favours

Why not personalised wedding favour jars for your guests? You'll find a wide range of wedding favour bottles and jars at Wares of Knutsford and you can fill them with anything that strikes your fancy! Why not fill wedding favour jars with pretty coloured bath salts or wedding favour bottles with jewel-coloured raspberry gin? Tiny bottles and jars are also wonderful when they are filled with sweets or homemade hand salve. You can also use them to make tiny candle holders, by melting soy wax discs, adding some essential oil and letting a wick sit in the centre until the wax cools. These are simple but beautiful gifts that any guest would value.

Beautiful lighting

Fill Mason jars and hurricane jars with strings of battery-operated LED lights for firefly effect lighting on a table or even hanging from a tree for an outdoor reception in the summer. These little sparkling lights look lovely going up sets of stairs too. Why not try small glass jars filled with battery operated tealights for gentle sparkle and a great sense of atmosphere?

Pretty things in jars

Pretty coloured baubles look lovely piled into jars, and they will catch the light and really glisten. Or why not spray paint small Mason jars with glitter paint and use them as tealight holders? For younger guests, you could fill a large bowl with small sweets or little games that they can play with to keep them entertained.

All that glistens

Different shaped glass jars and bottles also look wonderful when they are grouped together and used to display pillar candles. You could buy glassware of different colours so that the light picks out each shade for a colourful finish, or use glass paint or spray to create your own colour theme. Choose different heights and widths too for visual interest and try grouping the glassware onto a sparkling tray or a wooden cookie for an on-trend natural finish.

Stock up on your supplies

Wares of Knutsford has a huge range of glassware, including wedding favour jars and wedding favour bottles, glass bottles and jars for floral centrepieces, small glass jars for votives and candles and glass bottles for serving drinks on the day. You'll find everything that you need at great prices, and we sell many of our products in bulk too so that you can save even more on your wedding supplies.

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