Thirst-quenching summer drinks in swing top bottles

Thirst-quenching summer drinks in swing top bottles

Posted by Sarah Barnhill on 18th Jul 2018

Thirst-quenching summer drinks in swing top bottles

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Now that June is here, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the mercury is rising. Whether we are in for a long hot summer remains to be seen; for now, we are all enjoying some welcome sunshine and warmer days. The weather at the moment is perfect for getting out in the garden, having barbecues or outdoor parties, or even just a mini picnic on the patio. In today’s post, we have some great ideas for seasonal drinks that you can make at home to serve throughout the summer months.

Recipe ideas for swing top bottles 

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Gather up your supply of glass bottles, as we have some fabulous ideas for you to try. First up is pineapple lemonade. We have all had traditional homemade cloudy lemonade at some point, but this idea takes it to another level! Combine equal quantities of pineapple juice and lemon juice in a pan, add sugar, and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Dilute with cold water to taste and store in swing-stopper bottles in the fridge.

Carrying on with the idea of putting a new spin on traditional recipes, why not give your elderflower cordial a bit of a makeover this year by adding raspberries? Make the cordial as you would normally but add 300g of fresh or frozen raspberries. Strain the mixture before bottling to remove the pips and any pulpy bits that remain. Adding raspberries will give you that same unmistakeable elderflower flavour but with the additional taste of juicy raspberries and a glorious pink colour to boot.

Our final recipe idea will have you feeling quite literally as cool as a cucumber. Peel and chop a full cucumber and a 3cm piece of fresh ginger and blitz it all in a food processor with 125ml of cold water. Strain the mixture and serve with ice. If you prefer, you can top up the glass with a measure of vodka for an indulgent but refreshing summer cocktail.

Our range of swing top bottles

Wares is proud to offer an incredible range of glass bottles with swing tops, from individual 250ml sizes through to one-litre bottles perfect for cordials. One of our most popular swing top styles is the faceted Costolata bottle, with its vintage-inspired design and traditional stopper. The Costolata range, which includes bottles in quite a few sizes, is utterly fabulous for picnics or garden parties.

If you have any favourite recipes for sensational summer drinks, why not get in touch to share them with us via Facebook or Twitter?