​The magic of Kilner jars

​The magic of Kilner jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 11th May 2022

Kilner jars have always been beloved by cooks, preserve-makers, drinks blenders and home crafters for years, but these hard-working multi-taskers have undergone a complete reinvention in recent years, and become an enduring trend for all kinds of use around the home. Thanks in part to platforms such as Pinterest, we have become use to seeing Kilner bottles, jars, accessories and more to create everything from interior decor to cocktail shakers, and the results are wonderful.

Top reasons to go Kilner
These jars don't just look great. When you use a Kilner jar you lessen your reliance on plastic containers and help to protect the environment. Kilner glass can be recycled even when it's broken. Even better, your jars can be taken to bulk food and zero-waste stores for refilling. Fill up your pantries and shelves with these beautiful storage glasses for social-media worthy images of planning perfection.

Tried and tested
If you are new to the magic of Kilner jars then prepare to be delighted by the quality, range and versatility of these staple glass storage essentials. Kilner jars originate from Yorkshire, where the British owned company started making them 180 years ago. The jars are known for their distinctive glass moulded logo and pressure seals, and the range is now found in homes across the world. But as demand for Kilner's products has grown, so has the range itself and the ideas for using these strong, beautiful and eco-friendly jars. If you're new to Kilner jars, here are some ideas to get you started.

Make your own ferments
Have you ever tried your hand at making fermented drinks such as kombucha or kefir? All you need is water or tea, SCOBY starters for kombucha or kefir grains, sugar and some other optional ingredients, and you can make your own health-supporting, delicious drinks at home. The Kilner fermenting jars help to simplify the process by allowing the by-product gases to escape from the jar. This prevents any explosions from gas build-up. The jars also make storage easy and you can simply take a look to see how your ferment is progressing. Use these jars to make sauerkraut, kimchi or fermented blueberries too.

Churn your own butter
One of the great things about the humble Kilner jar is the option to customise the lid with a huge range of accessories. For example, you can buy hand-held butter churners that simply screw onto your Kilner of choice. Let 300ml of fresh whipping, heavy or double cream, sit to room temperature for an hour and then pour it into your Kilner jar. Use the hand churn to turn the butter until it becomes too difficult to turn, usually after about ten or twelve minutes. Pour off the buttermilk and save it for making scones and then clean the butter in cold water, twice. Massage it with clean, cold hands to remove any residual buttermilk and then add salt to taste before shaping and storing your creation in a butter dish. Find a full recipe on the Kilner website:

Create your own vases
Interior designers and wedding planners love to use Kilner glass jars for decorations. You can spray them with spray paint and create some beautiful finishes. Metallic rose gold is always on trend and pretty pastels look great for spring. Or paint them with neon glass paint for something eye-catching. You can have a lot of fun being creative with these affordable jars, and they look wonderful filled with posies or foliage.

Make a terrarium
Choose one of the larger Kilner jar sizes and they make a wonderful terranium too. Kids will love creating tiny worlds with moss, stones, small succulents and other interesting natural features. Simply add a little water, keep it in a warm place and watch your micro-world thrive.

Make seasonal jars
Kilner glass jars with pretty glass sweet jar style lids also look beautiful decorated for the holidays. Decorate them with ribbons, add stickers, glazes or paints, and fill them with cookies, bath salts or whatever takes your fancy for a gift or decoration. The great thing about these glass jars is that they are highly affordable as well as versatile. We sell a lot to small businesses who are looking to get their kitchen table crafts going in a cost-effective way and these quality items really fit the bill.

Find your perfect Kilner
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