The history of Zam Zam water - and ways to use it for your wedding

The history of Zam Zam water - and ways to use it for your wedding

Posted by The Wares Team on 23rd Dec 2021

If you're not yet familiar with Zam Zam water and its benefits, read on to find out more about this fascinating religious symbol and its ancient story.

What is Zam Zam water?

In Muslim culture, Zam Zam water is believed to be blessed and holy. The water comes from the holy Zam Zam well located in Saudi Arabia's Mecca, just 20 metres away from Islam's most holy place; the Al-Kaaba.

The history of this water is also fascinating. The Prophet Ibraham, as told in the Ibn 'Abbaas, was told to take away his son, Ismail and his wife, Hagar, to Makkah - a barren land at the time of the tale. The Prophet followed Allah's commands, leaving his son and wife with some dates and water, and returning home.

The water and dates rapidly ran out in the hot and barren land, and young Ismail began to cry with thirst and hunger. Hagar began to frantically look for water, running up and down the Saraa and Marwa hills seven times in a bid to find a source. As she ran, the young boy began to kick the ground, and suddenly his mother noticed that water was beginning to flow from the hillside that his feet were striking.

She carefully gathered some of the flowing water for herself and her son to drink. The water that began to flow from the new well became known as Zam Zam holy water, and the seven runs that Hagar raced up and down the hill, are now recognised in Islamic holy rituals, whereby Muslims walk around the Kaaba seven times in the Hajj and Umrah tradition.

The significance of Zam Zam water

In Arabic, Zam Zam water is also called 'Murwiya', which means 'quenched', and also 'Shabaa' which means 'satisfying'. The Prophet described Zam Zam water as more than simple hydration and something that provided nourishment, being blessed by Allah. Many also believe that it has curative properties and that wishes will be fulfilled if a person makes a wish immediately after they drink some water from the famous well.

Interestingly, science suggests that there may well be something behind the legend! For example, tests have found that Zam Zam water is the purest on earth, with extremely high and beneficial mineral content. This is because the water has seeped for thousands of years through tiny hairline fractures in the mineral-rich rock.

Despite this mineral content, the water has no smell or colour, but it does have a distinct taste. And because of its high magnesium and calcium content it is believed to have healing properties and to boost the body's natural immunity. No wonder Zam Zam water is so revered throughout the Muslim world!

Using Zam Zam water for your wedding favours

Zam Zam water makes a beautiful and thoughtful wedding favour and these gifts are very popular in the Muslim community. Why not make your own Zam Zam favours for your wedding? Our 50ml flask Zam Zam favour bottles are a perfect size and they come in a range of screw caps to suit your needs:

Your Zam Zam favour bottles can be customised any way you fancy, perhaps with pretty labels or ribbons to make them personal to your wedding theme and style. These will also look lovely presented in little voile bags, perhaps at your table settings or in a gift bag for each wedding guest. Wrap them in tissue and add pretty stickers or even present them in a small gift box with a personalised note. These little gifts make fantastic thank yous for your guests.

Everything you need to make wedding favours

As well as Zam Zam favours, we sell a huge range of glass bottles, glass jars and other supplies that you can use to make your own wedding favours and table decorations. Stock up on pretty Mason jars and fill them with string fairy lights or tealights to create a beautiful table decoration. Buy glass bottles and jars to serve pretty cordials or juices, and fill tiny jars with sweets and treats for younger guests at your big day. Glass is naturally beautiful, versatile and extremely eco-friendly, especially when compared to plastic.

You'll love our wide range of products and our competitive prices. Thanks to our large warehouses, we are able to sell many products in bulk, making them a highly competitive option for businesses or weddings where bulk purchase helps to keep unit costs down. Our customer service is also second to none, so if you are considering making your own Zam Zam wedding favours and need guidance about the different bottle and jar sizes on offer, please contact our team who will be delighted to assist you.

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