​Recipes for glass Mason jars

​Recipes for glass Mason jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 9th Jul 2021

We absolutely love the look of Mason glass jars and these timeless classics are also so versatile when it comes to bottling, preserving, enjoying picnics, taking lunches to work and serving up drinks... (the Wares of Knutsford team also particularly enjoys them for serving up summer puddings too!)

We know that our customers are also huge fans of Mason jars and our product lines of these hard-working multi-taskers are always a top-seller. So if you're thinking about some great recipes to try this summer for your favourite Mason jar, we've got some inspiration to get you started.

Summer salads for Mason jars

The beauty of Mason glass jars is that you can make wonderfully attractive, crunchy salads that last until lunchtime, simply by layering your ingredients carefully. Whizz up a fresh dressing using oils, vinegar, citrus fruits and herbs and then pour it into the bottom, then add layers of crunchy vegetables, salty feta cheese, crunchy chickpeas, delicious houmous and filling grains according to taste. Then, when you are ready to eat your salad, simply check that the lid of your jar is tightly secured, tip it upside down and shake everything up. The dressing will cover the vegetables and result in a fresh and crisp mixed salad that tastes divine.

Looking for flavour inspiration? How about a classic Caesar salad with strips of roasted chicken and anchovies above your crisp iceberg lettuce base, with croutons nestling at the top of your jar?

Or combine avocado, roasted beetroot, quinoa, salty feta and rocket with a zesty olive oil dressing for a highly nutritious, flavoursome lunch. You could also use your spiraliser to make a Thai themed lunch with prawns, spiralised courgette and carrot, salted peanuts and a delicious Thai dressing made with plenty of garlic, chilli, some fish sauce and lime. Don't forget to add plenty of coriander!

And when you have a fridge of leftovers, just go wild and experiment. Blanche broccoli or enjoy it raw, add some raisins, chop up tomatoes, add chunks of apple and pear, throw in some walnuts, create a rich blue cheese salad... maybe add in a little leftover rice or pop a hard-boiled egg on top. Chilled berries such as blueberry and strawberry also work well in salads, and pear and walnuts are a classic combination. Try adding in chunks of crisp apple and pear to a homemade coleslaw with plenty of mayonnaise and pop in a spoon of pumpkin seeds for crunch.

The beauty of these kinds of salad is that there are no rules and that everything will taste exotic and delicious when you remember to add fresh herbs and plenty of dressing. One extra pro tip - remember to add salt and pepper to your dressing too for a fuller flavour, and store your glass Mason jars somewhere cold before serving so that the dishes are as cold and as crisp as possible. This will make all the difference between a taste sensation and a warm and slightly soggy result!

Delicious summer puddings for Mason jars

Trifle is an absolute winner with a Mason jar and it looks so pretty. Layer up sponge fingers with tinned peaches, ready-made custard and a top layer of squirty cream for a fun and easy dessert that will be popular with kids. You can apply the same delicious simplicity with tiramisu too, and just layer up your coffee and liqueur soaked sponge layers with sweetened mascarpone. Bring crunchy amaretti biscuits to the table to pop on the top as you enjoy your treat with a long spoon. If you're feeling healthy, simply layer up your favourite fruit or compote with Greek yoghurt, or try making a chia seed porridge for a delicious breakfast on the go. Just mix chia seeds, nut milk, a scoop of protein powder and a little sweetener overnight, add fruit and nuts of choice, and take it with you the following morning!

Don't forget too that glass Mason glass jars work perfectly for indulgent thickies, smoothies, cocktails and ice-cream floats on hot days. Whizz up a thick frozen banana and peanut butter smoothie with Greek yoghurt, add a dollop of vanilla ice cream and add straws for the ultimate slow afternoon treat. The grown-ups can enjoy drinks along a similar theme but with a crafty shot or two of their favourite summer spirit thrown into the mix - and don't forget sangria either, which works beautifully in Mason jars with lashings of mint and ice cubes.

Stock up now

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