​Our wonderful new Winsford home

​Our wonderful new Winsford home

Posted by The Wares Team on 22nd Feb 2021

Year 2021 is the year we establish our new normal. Consulting giants McKinsey suggested that much like the terms pre-war and post-war define a specific time period, future generations will describe this era as pre-Covid-19 and post-Covid-19. McKinsey predicts 2021 will be defined by transition. Its recent report went on to confirm the pandemic ignited a surge of global entrepreneurial innovation.

Adaptability is the cornerstone of success. Over a decade ago, a Harvard Business Review article declared adaptability to be a crucial commercial advantage. Their insightful prediction has endured and remains particularly relevant today. Millions of us continue to dream up savvy adaptable solutions helping us navigate towards new horizons shaped by Brexit and the pandemic. It’s natural to reflect at such a poignant turning point, and our team at Wares of Knutsford are no exception.

We have recently moved premises. We found it very hard to leave the familiarity and beauty of our beloved countryside location. Yet we couldn’t be happier with our new premises only 15 minutes away! As we step forward into our exciting future, we’ve gathered together a few highlights from our history. We’re sharing the power practical solutions wield in shaping future success. Adaptability is the link between present day action and future triumph.

Wares of Knutsford: A history of embracing authentic customer service

In 1992 Wares of Knutsford opened its doors, with a firm belief in friendly, personable customer service. We invited our customers to write their stock requests in the request book we kept next to our main shop counter. The handwritten requests from our first customers shaped our stock content. Word soon spread of the friendly local homewares shop stocking its shelves with customer requests.

Our popularity grew quickly and so did we. Our larger premises in Knutsford accommodated increasing local demand for kitchenwares, ironmongery, pet and hardware supplies. We were a locally-focussed business thriving in a small town. We were living the dream.

Rapid globalisation shaped the trajectory of businesses of all shapes and sizes, including our own. Shoppers moved online. Businesses like ours across the world arrived at a sudden turning point. Adapt or shut down? We did both. We did not want to face the same tragic demise as Knutsford’s iconic King Street hardware shop. They served their community for over 200 years.

Bold steps maintains Wares of Knutsford’s forward momentum

Faced with the looming online evolution, we chose to innovate. We took the bold step of closing our physical premises and moved our business online. We began a mail order service that continues to this day.

We soon discovered our customers’ focus was preserves. We sourced a comprehensive range of glassware and equipment to provide them with the tools they needed to thrive. We expanded further into pottery and enamelware and for 20 years we have delivered traditional vintage kitchenwares alongside our thriving trade in glassware, kitchenware, preserving goods and household wares.

It’s not unusual to start a new business during a time of upheaval. A recent survey revealed new business registrations in this country increased by 30% during 2020’s third quarter. The last time this level of growth had been seen was in 2012. Our ability to embrace change can transform our business trajectory.

Wares of Knutsford: A friendly family-run team

We pride ourselves on an authentic connection with our customers. We delight in traveling the extra mile to provide our customers with what they are searching for. Now more than ever, we nurture the power of community.

Remember, our experience with preserving, bottling, kitchenwares and glassware extends beyond the stock lining our shelves. We are also the purveyors of helpful tips and an endless list of resources for you to tap into.

Wares of Knutsford welcomes you to our new home

The recent move from our cherished countryside premises was daunting. We had little choice. We outgrew our space so completely we were working from our car park! We struck gold when we found our current premises. Our new home is nestled in the heart of an industrial hub only 15 minutes from our previous address.

Our new Winsford home is a gleaming industrial park. We are so proud of our new showrooms. It’s been a delight welcoming our visitors. One showroom features our glassware and the other combines kitchenwares and enamelwares.

From kitchenwares to Brexit to the pandemic and beyond

In April 2020, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, remarked that we had collectively experienced two years of digital innovation within a two month timeframe. Adaptability is also measured by the traditions we carry with us.

We continue to be led by customer demand. The scope of our product inventory has broadened to encompass eco-friendly and space enabling packaging. We hope every business across the country embraces the balance between the old and new, as we transition to our new normal.

In the meantime, pop in and see us for a cuppa if you’re in the area!