Our favourite springtime ideas for Mason Jars

Our favourite springtime ideas for Mason Jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 20th May 2022

The humble Mason jar never grows old and demand for these hard-working multi-taskers tends to peak at this time of year as our customers look to rework their kitchens and pantries, try new craft projects and upgrade their cupboard organisation. So we thought we'd celebrate with some of our favourite ideas for using Mason glass jars in all of their creative, flexible and eco-friendly glory.

A cute terrarium

You could easily create a tiny world that kids will enjoy in a Mason glass jar. Add a layer of gravel and sand then moss, tiny succulents, shells and other natural points of interest for a cute and living display. Simply spritz it with a fine mister periodically to keep everything fresh.

Delicious salads on the go

The Mason jar salad trend has been around for a while now and it's the best possible way to enjoy a delicious salad on the go, without any soggy leaves underneath. Begin with your salad dressing at the bottom and then add a crunchy, dry ingredient layer such as croutons, seeds, sprouted seeds and nuts or meat and fish. Above this, layer up your crispy vegetables, apple chunks, walnut pieces, olives, guacamole... whatever takes your fancy. When you're ready to serve the salad, simply invert the Mason jar so that the dressing covers everything. Just remember to keep the lid on before you shake, and then grab your fork and enjoy!

A quirky toothbrush holder

Carefully drill holes into the Mason jar lid, decorate the jar with acrylic paint pens and then use your Mason jar as a fun and quirky toothbrush holder.

Lid coasters

If you've already used up a few of your Mason jars to store pens, ribbons, crafts, paintbrushes or something else tall that needs the open jar, gather your lids, add a layer of craft fabric to the inner side with fabric glue and then use them as cute coasters.

Make your own cinnamon shaker

Use a craft knife and a few DIY skills to convert your jar lid into a pouring spout and you can use your jars to shake sugar, cinnamon, baking powder or any other ingredient onto your meals.

Easy planters

Nothing looks more on-trend than Mason glass jars painted with beautiful pastel chalk paint. This paint is ideal for easy furniture and upcycling projects and it's very forgiving too. Create your own planters for succulents or make them into painted and decorated vases for posies.

Magnetic storage

Add magnets to your jar lids and place a row of magnets under a storage shelf and you can simply screw your jars into place and double your storage. Ideal for kitchens and craft rooms alike.

Bathroom storage

Small jars make fantastic storage for bathroom essentials such as cotton buds and balls. Decorate your jars with chalk paint, glitter spray, ribbons or anything that takes your fancy.

A money box

Make a slot in the lid of your jar and decorate it to your chosen style. Decoupage paper could be a great choice here. Just use decoupage glue and thin, decorated paper to create a pretty effect. These would make a great little gift or bedroom accessory for children and you could coordinate the design with the room decor.

Tissue and wet wipes dispenser

Decorate your jar and pack them with tissues or wet wipes. Cut a slot in the lid for an easy dispenser lid. The great thing about this approach is that you can reuse your jars endlessly and take them to the zero-waste store to top up. You can use a similar approach to make a string or twine dispenser too.

Easy carpet or fridge freshener

Interestingly, Insta-creatives have found that parmesan jar lids often fit perfectly on top of Mason jars. You can use them to create a carpet freshener by adding baking soda and essential oils to your jar and then sprinkling it onto your carpet and rugs before vacuuming it off. Similarly, you can place a jar of bicarb in the fridge to absorb odours.

A portable sewing kit

Why not glue a colourful custom-sized pincushion to your jar lid and then use your trusty Mason to store pins, threads and other sewing essentials in a pretty way? These would also make a lovely gift for a crafty friend if you decorate the jar with plenty of ribbons, pom poms and a tag.


Don't forget that Mason glass jars also make great candle holders. Simply use soy wax discs and candle tapers to make your own poured candles with food dyes and perhaps some mica powders for sparkle and incredible colours. This is a really fun pastime and you might even find you end up creating your own fledgeling kitchen table business in the process!

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