More Ideas For Valentine’s Gifts

More Ideas For Valentine’s Gifts

Posted by The Wares Team on 10th Feb 2020

Have you left it until almost the very last minute to start thinking about Valentine’s Day and what to give your loved one, or the person you secretly admire, as a token of your love? Well, don’t panic as there’s still plenty of time to get creative and come up with a gift that shows how much you care, without resorting to cheap chocolates from the supermarket, flowers from the petrol station forecourt or a generic gift bought online with express delivery!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of simply heading to the nearest department store, or heaven forbid, the supermarket, to look for something to give as a Valentine’s gift. Alternatively, many people simply shop online for gifts. That’s all very well and with a little imagination, you can still come up with something that way that is unique and personal and that reflects your personality or that of the recipient.

But all too often, gifts bought this way look a little bland and lacking in thought or wow factor. Why not try something different this year and create your very own Valentine’s gift instead? It will be guaranteed to be unique and it will show the recipient that you have invested time and effort to produce something really special. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Sweets For Your Sweet

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, why not indulge them by putting together some of their all-time favourite sweeties in a jar. Sweet jars are inexpensive and simple, but look super when they’re filled with delicious sweets and decorated with a charming label and ribbon. Whether your loved one prefers boiled sweets, marshmallows, jelly beans or nougat, you can put together something special in no time at all.

If you can’t decide on what sweets to choose, why not put together a collection of three sweet jars, with different sweets in each one? You might opt for jelly babies in the first jar, chocolate raisins in the next and sherbet-filled flying saucers in the third. Or if your loved one’s tastes are more sophisticated, you could make your own chocolate-coated truffles or fudge and fill those sweet jars with it.

Other Simple Ideas For Valentine’s Day

If sweets aren’t quite right for your loved one’s Valentine’s gift, how about going all romantic and creating a cosy night in as a gift? Get a selection of empty jam jars and pop a tealight or scented candle in each. Dot them around the living room to create a special atmosphere and then crack open a bottle of really good wine and settle down by the fireside, for an evening of cuddles and cosiness.

If your loved one likes nothing better than an evening of back-to-back movies or box sets, indulge them and line up an evening’s entertainment just for them. If they love board games, play along and get into the spirit of it all. Whatever the theme, make sure that it’s tailored just for them.

There’s something rather special about not going to town over Valentine’s Day if that’s what your loved one wants - you can still make that certain someone feel really special and appreciated without having to spend a fortune and hitting the town for a fancy dinner. With those jam jars and scented candles, some great music and a simple but special dinner, you can have an evening that is every bit as memorable as if you’d gone out to a restaurant or bar.

Another quirky idea for Valentine’s Day that will work really well if you both enjoy being outdoors, or if you’re keen gardeners, is to make up a planting pack as a gift. This is another great use for those jam jars we’re so keen on. Take a clean jar and fill it with two or three packs of seeds - these could be vegetables, annuals or perennials and they might have a special connection to you and your loved one or they might be themed around Valentine’s Day and love in general - either because of their name or because of their colour.

The key thing is that your loved one understands immediately why you’ve chosen those particular seeds, so that there is no need for you to explain it. You could even find some acorns and pop these into a jam jar, with a little message of love that says how you want to grow together over time to become something strong and unshakeable. How’s that for romantic?

Have you got any particular ideas for making your own unique gifts this coming Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve been planning something for months, or you are just starting to think of how to surprise your loved one with a clever and personal gift this week, we’d love to hear all about it. Share your stories with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, and above all, have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!