​Make the perfect wedding favours with wedding jars

​Make the perfect wedding favours with wedding jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 30th Jul 2021

It's great news that weddings are now allowed to operate with bigger guest lists as of 19th July, especially after a year of stringent restrictions. And with the rise in couples booking their weddings - often at very short notice - once again, we are seeing a spike in demand for our jam jars, jam bottles and wedding jars.

How glass jars and bottles can be used at weddings

Beautiful, natural and simple, glass bottles and jars can be used in so many creative ways at weddings. For example, jam jars make ideal containers for flowers on your guests' tables, and to display tiny fairy lights for evening receptions or garden parties. You can use them throughout the day for a wedding-to-evening reception and update the contents as needed with the changing agenda of the day - from fresh daytime flowers to sparkling candles and fairy lights for after dusk.

Why not add a little food colouring to the flowers' water for a pretty finish or even use coloured glass stones? There are so many styles to choose from too. Large apothecary style glass jars are great for impact and large displays, small screwtop jars have a homely, rustic feel and clasp-close jars are perfect for sweets or other favour contents that you want to keep safe.

Creating beautiful wedding favours

Because wedding jars are so easy to customise, you have total control over the presentation of your wedding favours. Decorate them with the colours of your wedding using beautiful ribbons and accessories, and personalise them with labels. Wedding jars are also perfect for creating wedding favours, filling your mini glass bottles or jars with small homemade chutneys, jams, sweets or even spirits!

We have also seen wedding jars being used as candle holders, and some brides have even filled small jars with soy wax and essential oils to make their own beautifully scented and natural wedding favours. Here are some of our favourite ideas for wedding jar favours:

- Homemade jam, jelly or chutney
- Homemade raspberry gin
- Small sweets or bon-bons
- Soy candles
- Thank you notes
- Confetti
- Homemade bath salts

The beauty of these ideas is that they are easy to make and easy to customise for different guests, with personalised thank you notes that you can tie around each wedding jar with twine or ribbon. Add them to tables and place settings for personalised gifts or add them to thank you bags or guest bags for a thoughtful touch.

Creating an evening atmosphere

Choose glass jars in different sizes and fill them with beautifully flickering candles for an atmospheric effect that is incredibly romantic. Real candles are a dream on a soft summer's evening with only a gentle breeze, but if the wind looks likely to blow them out, have some battery-lit candles or fairy lights on strings to hand.

Thin ropes of golden fairy lights or LED lights - bearing in mind that there are various battery operated and solar versions available - look wonderful gathered inside larger jars to create a 'firefly' effect. You can find options in cool or warm light and then dot them around tables, string them through tree branches and place them in any places where you want to create warmth or draw attention to features.

Creating wedding table centrepieces

Glass jars are ideal for centrepieces, especially if you have an informal or rustic-themed wedding. Fill large glasses with dramatic flowers or sweet posies of wildflowers and decorate them with oversize bows for a stunning visual. The great thing about glass jars is that they are cost-effective whilst looking wonderful, and certainly easier on the budget than large vases. With so many different styles, widths, heights and designs on offer, it's also easy to create the look that you want, whether you stick to a single style for a smart, considered effect, or mix and match for a more rustic feel.

Finding the wedding materials you need

At Wares of Knutsford, we stock a wide range of wedding jars and wedding favours to suit all needs, all budgets and all colour schemes. We are always updating our ranges to include the latest and most popular products on the market. Whether you want glass screw-top jars or Mason jars, we offer the sizes that you need, and in many ranges, we can sell in bulk by the pallet for even better cost savings.

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