​Make more of honey in the kitchen

​Make more of honey in the kitchen

Posted by The Wares Team on 20th Jun 2022

You may already spread it on your toast, drizzle it over your yoghurt and use it to make the most divine cakes, but there are so many ways to use honey to add flavour, sweetness and even some health benefits to your cooking. Dust off your honey jar or invest in some beautiful new honey jars to store an array of different honey flavours and origins, and try some of these fantastic ways to use nature's original amber nectar.

Drizzle it over a curry

Did you know that a little honey drizzled over the top of your curry will really help to bring out its spices, richness and natural sweetness? This works particularly well if you are trying to use a little less ghee, but still want to enjoy all of the flavours. Add a spoon to the pan just a few moments before you serve it up and see if you notice a difference. This works particularly well with naturally sweeter curries such as Pasanda and Korma, but also adds a surprising touch of sweetness to Jalfrezi, Bhuna and even spicy Madras.

Combine it with goats cheese

Honey and goats cheese are a wonderful combination, so why not top a homemade pizza with crumbled goats cheese, basil, some balsamic vinegar, pine nuts and a drizzle of your favourite honey. Serve it with a fresh and crispy salad for a wonderful summer meal.

Glaze your pretzels

When the craving for something sweet hits, try glazing pretzels with a little honey, a sprinkle of salt and perhaps some cinnamon or mixed spice. Pop the coated pretzels in the fridge to set and you'll have the perfect snack for your home cinema time!

Whizz up a wonderful dressing

You can also use honey to make delicious dressings! Combine a spoon of your favourite flavour honey with high-quality extra virgin olive oil, some apple cider vinegar, a squeeze of citrus and plenty of salt and pepper. This dressing will taste better than anything you could buy in the shops, and it will lend a real taste of fine dining to your meal.

Upgrade your corn

It won't be long now before we can all enjoy fresh corn on the cob. Again, honey can really supercharge this delicious veggie side. Simply mix equal amounts of butter and honey and use them to glaze your hot corn, either straight from the BBQ or the grill. The resulting salty, buttery and sweet finish adds an incredible depth of flavour to the corn and makes it a wonderfully indulgent dish.

Add a touch to bacon

What beats a stack of homemade pancakes? Homemade pancakes piled high with good quality bacon and a drizzle of honey to counteract the saltiness. Simply add a spoon to the pan while you fry the meat and allow it to form a sticky glaze.

Glaze Chinese-inspired fish

Why not use honey, soy, ginger and garlic to make a wonderfully flavoursome marinade for fish too? This works very well with salmon. Add a pinch of chilli for a kick and plenty of fresh lime, salt and coriander to create a heavenly marinade that will double up as a sauce. When you're ready to cook, simply pan fry the marinated salmon with vegetables in a wok for a quick stir fry.

Infused honey

Glass honey jars look even more intriguing if you use them to make herb-infused honey. Simply decant your honey into a glass honey jar and add a sprig of rosemary for an intriguing and heady flavour that will work really well for those salad dressings, sauces, glazes and marinades. A sprig of lavender is also well worth a try, or use fresh mint to try your own mint-infused honey. This could be very interesting with a chocolate recipe!

Honey orange compote

This sweet ingredient is also perfect when simmered gently with fruits. Try gently simmering cut oranges with honey and spices of your choice for a simple pudding that will work beautifully with fresh ice cream, thick whipped cream or fresh Greek yoghurt.

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