​Introducing BioPak

​Introducing BioPak

Posted by The Wares Team on 16th Nov 2023

We know that many Wares of Knutsford customers are passionate about sustainability and are actively seeking biodegradable, sustainable and ethically sourced products to help protect the environment. With this end goal in mind, we have been proud to lead the way when it comes to offering sustainable products such as glassware, wicker baskets and compostable Vegware products for food service and storage. Now, we are delighted to announce that we are going to be launching a new eco-friendly packaging range: BioPak.

What is BioPak?

BioPak is an innovative compostable takeaway packaging that has been designed to respect the environment and reduce the problem of non-recyclable plastics. Made to sit within the circular economy, BioPak is made from plants as the ultimate compostable material. This means products in the BioPak line can become compost in as little as 12 weeks, helping to boost the topsoil with rich and nutritious material rather than adding to landfill.

BioPak as a company has worked very hard to create a truly 'green' business. Its sustainable and circular model goes far beyond the creation of composable takeaway food and drink packaging, with the company priding itself on working according to the following principles:

1. It makes packaging entirely from plants without wasting any materials and seeks to reuse materials wherever possible.

2. BioPak responsibly sources its materials from ethical manufacturing sources.

3. The company supports composting as the best possible outcome for food packaging and works to educate the sector and customers on the benefits of compostable food packaging.

4. BioPak seeks to limit its manufacturing carbon footprint, and the footprint of its operation overall, to help protect the planet.

As a result of its approach to sustainability and the circular economy, BioPak has already won a series of awards in recognition of its quality.

How can BioPak help businesses?

As of 1 October 2023, businesses cannot sell or supply single-use plastics in the UK. This affects businesses such as takeaways and food-service venues in particular, as they are no longer allowed to sell their products in plastic single-use bowls, plates, containers or trays; in addition, they must no longer supply balloon sticks or plastic cutlery. You can find out more about this legislation on the government website:

This new legislation is mandated by the government to reduce plastic waste and landfill, with the associated carbon risks of plastic consumption, and means food-serving businesses must now use biodegradable options. BioPak and Vegware are two perfect alternatives and we are proud to sell a wide range of these products at excellent prices, not to mention the fast delivery and superb customer service.

When will BioPak be available at Wares?

We are expanding our compatible takeaway line to bring BioPak on board alongside our highly popular range of compostable Vegware products. We know our customers will love these complementary, green and sustainable products that allow them to avoid buying single-use plastic or foil products that are so difficult to recycle or end up in landfill. You will find great prices on bulk orders, which allows you to save as much as possible on the unit price of materials for your business.

Free shipping of BioPak

This exciting new product is not only a way to create a more sustainable business compliant with the new zero-plastic rules but also a great way to market to customers, respect the environment, and show your true brand credentials. Even better, we are offering free delivery on BioPak products, so you can really benefit from the cost savings.

Discover the BioPak range

You can browse our range of BioPak compostable food packaging items now, which we are proudly listing at Wares of Knutsford for the first time as we seek to grow our own sustainable product categories and support our business and event customers to invest in greener packaging solutions. You will love our product range, our prices, our fast and affordable delivery, and the customer service for which Wares is renowned.

Check out our full range of compostable food packaging, which is great for businesses, events, schools, and other types of large-scale operations where takeaway food will be served and you don't want packaging going to landfill unnecessarily. Send it to compost instead with these greener and more sustainable products: Remember that we are offering free delivery on all BioPak orders, helping you enjoy even better efficiencies for your business.

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