​Ideas for using cosmetic glass jars

​Ideas for using cosmetic glass jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 26th Jul 2021

If you're looking for an attractive way to store your cosmetics, thinking of making your own or even stocking up on glass supplies for a business venture, then you'll love our range of cosmetics jars. These are popular for a range of uses, and they come in a range of sizes and lids. For example, you will find small size screw-top glass jars for lip balms and large glass bottles with clip lids for oils and creams. Extra-large glass bottles and jars are great for bath bubbles and bath salts.

Our range of cosmetic jars

We sell a wide range of cosmetic jars on our website in both amber glass and clear glass. These are ideal for storing all kinds of lotions and potions, whether you are making your own natural beauty products for the first time, or rebottling some existing products into attractive glass containers.

Why are some glass cosmetics jars made from amber?

You'll often see cosmetic jar products made from coloured glass in amber or even blue. This is because the colour helps to preserve the ingredients and to protect them from the effect of UV light. Otherwise, if products are left in direct sunlight, this can damage the contents - especially if essential oils or other delicately balanced ingredients are used. Blue glass is also used because, similarly, it absorbs more sunlight than clear glass and helps to protect the contents of the jar or bottle. Coloured glasses are also a great way to make your products stand out!

How to use a cosmetic glass jar

Your cosmetic glass jar from Wares of Knutsford will be made from high-quality, heavyweight glass and the product description will indicate if the product that you are interested in is suitable for beauty, cosmetic and pharmaceutical use. There will be a choice of caps to choose from too, depending on your intended purpose. You may wish to sterilise the glass before you fill it with your chosen product. If you are creating a product for sale, you will naturally do this as part of your quality control processes.

For larger orders, we sell pallet sizes that allow you to save even more money on our prices by ordering in bulk. We can now offer this because we have moved to larger premises and this allows us to sell bigger sizes to benefit our business customers. So if you are thinking of starting up your own beauty products line, you can source your essential glass jars at fantastic prices, and with competitive delivery and superb service too.

The appeal of homemade beauty products

There is huge demand for natural and high-quality beauty products made from gentle, organic ingredients that don't contain harmful chemicals. This means that there are also great opportunities to start your own artisanal business and perhaps start selling small batches of homemade products at farmers markets or through craft fairs. There are plenty of recipes to be found online to give you ideas, and many use easy to buy ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils. The great thing about these ingredients is that they are very beneficial to the skin and body and can be blended to treat conditions such as eczema and sensitive skin.

You can also easily create your own brand with the help of a graphic designer and create beautiful packaging labels, bags and stickers that personalise your products and give them the necessary professional edge - with details of your ingredients and expiration date as appropriate.

Ingredients to invest in for homemade beauty products

Natural ingredients are top-sellers and highly in demand from customers. Look for organic olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, almond oil and coconut oil and store them carefully and according to instructions, usually well away from direct sunlight. Add essential oils such as lavender, rose, geranium and even peppermint - making sure you learn carefully about the different uses of essential oils and their usage instructions as they are incredibly powerful, despite being natural.

Make your own simple scrub

It's really easy to make your own sugar scrub! Simply take a cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of oil - perhaps coconut or olive - and essential oils that you enjoy. For example, mandarin and cardamon are enlivening and sweet-smelling, lavender and bergamot are relaxing, and peppermint and lemon would provide a really zingy finish. Add to a large screw-top or snap-lid glass jar, label and enjoy! You can also make a lovely gift by bottling Epsom salts with a few drops of essential oil and pretty extras such as rose petals - these are super-easy to make and look wonderful in a large presentation bottle. Have fun being creative and see what happens...

The Wares difference

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