Glass Bottles Are Not Just For Christmas!!!

Glass Bottles Are Not Just For Christmas!!!

Posted by The Wares Team on 24th Dec 2018

After the excitement of Christmas has gone, trying a new craft may be the way to start 2019. Glass bottle art can create anything from a terranium to a bottle lamp

Glass Bottles are easy to find in most households and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  The bottles can be decorated for a specific occasion such as a forthcoming wedding or can be used to create a special and unique gift. 


Glass Bottle Terraniums

It may not have passed your notice this year but the sale of glass terraniums has been a popular gift idea. A terranium is an enclosed environment for indoor plants, really like a mini greenhouse. So, why not create your own?

Here is a simple guide to follow.

  • A clean, glass container (anything from a glass bottle, glass jar or glass vase)
  • Layer of stones for the base of the vase ( 1- 2 inches)
  • Add a layer of activated charcoal ( can be bought from a garden centre)
  • Add a layer of potting compost
  • Choose your plants ( cacti, succulent, ferns and air plants are best)
  • Fill in any gaps with decorative moss or stones
  • Display in a sunny spot ( not direct sunlight) and mist every 1 to 2 weeks

A few  other ideas for you to try could be;

  • Decoupage on glass bottles
  • Bottle sand art
  • Glass painting
  • Creating your own bottle lamp

The list is endless.

If this isn't your thing, then start planning your bottling creations for 2019. We stock a wide range of glass bottles suitable for anything from cordials, liqueurs, oils and sauces, click here for available options.