​Enjoy summer drinks in our glass bottles

​Enjoy summer drinks in our glass bottles

Posted by The Wares Team on 22nd Jun 2021

Nothing says summer more than delicious drinks served outdoor in pretty glasses. And what could be a better way to serve your drinks than by choosing strong, recyclable, beautiful glass bottles.

Glass is a fantastic choice for so many reasons. It looks absolutely beautiful and lends a stylish air to your party or gathering. It's also hygienic and clean, and infinitely recyclable, which means you can use and reuse glass, knowing you are doing your bit for the environment at the same time. You'll also find a huge range of diverse bottles and glasses for all occasions, allowing you to create stylish and elegant garden party looks - or fun and quirky family gatherings with Mason jars and recyclable straws for the kids!

Enjoying delicious summer drinks

It's so much fun to enjoy fresh, cold drinks outdoors in summer. Experiment with fizzy mineral water with added berries and slices of citrus fruits with plenty of ice. Create your own cordials - extra points if you made elderflower cordial last season, ready for this year! When the adults are enjoying a barbecue, create delicious sangria or fruit punches with a combination of wine, fruit juice, fruit slices, fizzy water and mint leaves to taste. The beauty of these kinds of drinks is that you can basically taste as you go and adjust the ingredients to your preference. Remember that tonic waters, cordials, fizzy drinks etc will invariably have low-calorie options so you can keep an eye on your sugar intake.

These summer drinks also look so pretty in glass bottles thanks to their bright colours. Imagine a lineup of glass drinking bottles on your garden dining table, each filled with a different colour fruit-flavour drink - yellow, orange, reds, purple...completely appetising and fun for your guests!

Our expanding drinks range

Choose from our wide range of drinking bottles in all different capacities for different party sizes. We have drinking bottles with caps, airtight caps, screw lids and snap-lids, and capacities of up to two litres for those large punches, cordial mixes and sangrias. We have recyclable straws too!

Our ever-popular Mason jars with drinking straws are back in stock too. Pinterest is a great place to look if you want inspiration on how to use Mason jars and these classic jars look wonderful when they serve anything from mint-topped juleps to ice-cream floaters and thick shakes.

Trying homemade recipes

It can be hard to find summer drinks that are healthy and all too many commercial varieties are filled with sugar. Why not treat your digestive system and show your gut some love with homemade kefir or kombucha? Kombucha tea requires a SCOBY starter which you can buy online, and water kefir requires kefir grains, which again, are easy to buy. Simply add sugar to the mix, which is digested by the healthy active bacteria, and then flavours to taste such as citrus and a few dried fruits for gentle sweetness and flavour.

The drink will ferment over a few days and start to lightly bubble, which is a sign that it's ready. The resulting drink is incredibly good for your health, low in calories and absolutely delicious! Serve with ice cubes and a sprig of mint for something a little different. Serve your homemade fizzy health drinks in tall drinking bottles and enjoy watching the bubbles float to the top!

Homemade recipes also work well for the kids. Why not serve up luscious smoothies made with fruits and even sneaky vegetables. You can easily sneak in frozen chunks of butternut squash, carrot and even cauliflower to bulk out a smoothie without affecting the behaviour. Avocado makes a creamy base, and fruits such as berries, pineapple and mango provide wonderful sweetness and flavour without needing to add refined sugar or sweeteners. You can also add healthy and flavoursome extras such as cashew nuts, Greek yoghurt, raw cacao and even a scoop of ice cream for decadence! Serve thick smoothies or ice-cream floats in mason jars or heavier glass bottles with a solid base so that they are hard to topple over! A spoon may be the best way to serve these treats.

Buying glass bottles from Wares of Knutsford

We are constantly updating our range of drinking bottles and glass bottles at Wares of Knutsford, and you'll find fantastic deals on your favourite items. We only stock high-quality products and offer the most competitive prices possible, making use of our newly expanded premises to buy in bulk and to pass the savings on to our customers!

Our customer service team is always on hand to answer any queries that you might have or to make recommendations, and our delivery is quick and at the best possible rates. We are proud to welcome back many of our customers time and time again and we work hard to provide an excellent experience to build real loyalty. We hope you will come and discover the Wares of Knutsford difference and upgrade your glass drinkware range for the summer season ahead!