​Eco-friendly packaging and glass storage

​Eco-friendly packaging and glass storage

Posted by The Wares Team on 3rd Oct 2020

David Attenborough joined Instagram recently to spread his urgent message about the climate crisis to a wider audience. He commented that ‘continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our seas’ but he was adamant that it is not too late, that there is still hope we can turn the tide of climate change. To truly make this difference, the world needs to see commitments at the highest level and the urgency of climate change is high on the priority list for most governments; China, the world’s biggest emitter of carbon has now pledged to join other world leaders and become carbon neutral before 2060.

In the face of such enormous, global issues, it may feel like the problem is beyond our ability to make any significant impact. However, there are many changes, big and small, that we can take as individuals; together we can have a cumulative effect.

What changes can we make?

There are some bigger, lifestyle changes we can implement: perhaps planning holidays without flying, or considering driving less and cycling or taking public transport to our destination. Thinking carefully about where and when we buy clothes, rather than supporting fast fashion, and reducing meat consumption are all ways we can make significant changes to our carbon footprint.

Smaller changes are also important to our overall impact; ensuring packaging is recycled where possible, switching off lights and reducing the use of plastic are all simple ways to make a difference.

In today’s blog, we discuss how you can reduce your plastic consumption; making small changes for a long-term impact.

Eco friendly packaging

We don’t have to think too far back to remember that milk and other produce was delivered in glass bottles, jars and brown paper. Sadly, as we moved towards using supermarkets rather than small, local suppliers, plastic consumption rose exponentially. With this rise, the amount of plastic waste going to landfill has grown and our seas are clogged with plastic detritus, causing untold damage to wildlife and water quality.

Programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet demonstrated the extent of this damage and inspired many people to switch back to the use of glass. Glass is a great alternative to plastic as it is sustainable, more durable and lasts for years. We stock a range of glass jars and bottles and have lots of great ideas to help you to get started on eco friendly packaging ideas.

Glass storage jars

Glass storage jars have many benefits: they are airtight which ensures their contents remain fresh; they are sealed tight from germs and bugs and their contents are visible. Keeping rice, pasta and pulses in storage jars mean less wastage - when plastic bags of dry foods split you lose much of the contents to the inside of the cupboard and floor! They also look attractive on open shelves.

Refill stores are becoming more and more commonplace; the premise behind these shops is to cut out packaging altogether. You simply take your own storage jars and buy what you need. Zero excess packaging and zero wastage. The stores typically stock dry goods but some will also sell washing liquid, liquid hand soap and other cosmetics.

Another great use for a storage jar is for making your own overnight oats. Simply fill the jar with oats, grated apple, cinnamon, fruit and milk or milk alternative and leave in the fridge overnight. By the morning they’re ready to go, simply warm them through or eat chilled. Also, a brilliant portable option if you’re heading out to the gym or rushing to work.

Jam jar packaging

Jam jar packaging is ideal for all the homemade preserves being created since the lockdown gardening craze! Eco friendly, airtight glass that can be easily sterilised is the perfect storage solution. The jars should be washed in warm, soapy water and then put in a cool oven for ten minutes before being filled with delicious homemade chutneys or jams. We also stock a range of different patterned adhesive labels and tags to turn your preserves into delightful gifts.

Create hampers and gift boxes for your preserves using our eco-friendly packaging, such as the natural, strong ribbed cardboard gift box or our wicker hamper baskets. Personalise the gifts with hessian string or ribbon in a variety of designs, including green gingham and vintage spots.

Jam jars or larger glass jars are also perfect for taking lunch to work; salad in a jar is a super summer lunch, using up your homegrown lettuce and tomatoes.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles have been used for years and vintage amber pharmacy and antique perfume bottles now fetch good prices for use in home decor schemes, not to mention making lovely alternatives to vases.

For perfume makers and aromatherapists, we stock beautiful pump spray options for you to bottle your own creations. Infuse your own oils and vinegar in our glass bottles with pourer caps, adding herbs, garlic and chillis for flavourful salad dressings salads.