​Delicious Easter Recipes in Glass Jars

​Delicious Easter Recipes in Glass Jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 13th Mar 2024

We love Easter and everything about this time of year - the prospect of spring, warm days and sunshine, flowers appearing in the garden and the fantastic Easter holiday! Easter is synonymous with new life and cherished family time, and it's a great opportunity to decorate the house with pretty pastels, get into the kitchen for some holiday baking and generally enjoy the best of a new season.

We know that many of our customers stock up on glass bottles and glass jars at this time of year, whether that's to update their pantry, do some batch cooking or to prepare some Easter treats for gifting. With that in mind, let's take a look at some ideas for recipe in a jar baking.

Easter Recipe in a Jar ideas

Glass jars are great for meal prep and service. You can use them to make seasonal granola or layered bircher muesli recipes or fill them with soup or salad to carry to work. But they also work well for baking and for presentation. Here are some Easter recipe in a jar ideas that will look gorgeous and taste even better.

Layered Easter rainbow cakes in a jar

A layered rainbow cake looks wonderful in a glass jar, and you can cook it in the jar as well. You simply begin by taking a basic vanilla cake mix (either from a packet or using your own favourite recipe) and then split the batter between five bowls. Use food colouring to create pretty colours in each batter mix, perhaps a mix of pink, blue, lilacs and yellows for classic Easter shades.

Take glass Mason jars or similar glass jars and spray four of them inside with a little cooking spray. Then, add layers of coloured batter until the mix is finished. Pop the jars into a shallow baking dish with around a quarter inch of water. Place them in the oven for around 30 minutes at 160c.

Let the jars cool, and use a spoon to scoop a little cake from the top so you can add frosting, such as a buttercream. Add sprinkles and Easter-inspired decorations, and add the lid back on before gifting. You can also just serve these straight to the table for an Easter Sunday treat. Here's some inspiration for you here:

Easter cookies in a jar

Another good recipe in a jar idea is for cookies, but you can layer up the dry cookie mix and then add a small bag of sprinkles or chocolate chips, tied to the glass jar with a ribbon. This is a fun gift for children, and it travels well, too - just add ingredients and decorations of your choice. Here's a great cookie-in-a-jar mix idea:

Other ideas for Easter Treats in Glass jars

With a little imagination, you can make some wonderful gifts and sweet treats using simple glass jars. For example:

- Place a chocolate bunny in a glass jar filled with pastel-coloured shreds to create a nest effect. Add pretty ribbons and ties.

- Fill mini glass jars with colourful sweets such as smarties, jelly babies or chocolate mini eggs and decorate them with sticker printables.

- Fill your glass jars with sweets and add a yellow pom-pom chick on the top for a cute character that will provide a lasting memento.

- Fill a glass bottle with a more grown-up Easter treat such as Irish cream made with whiskey and cream, or Baileys, then add a hand-written note and a pretty pastel ribbon. One for the adults! Find a recipe for Irish cream here:

- If you don't want to bake directly into glass bottles, you can also use a cookie cutter to cut small cake rounds from a sheet of basic vanilla or chocolate sponge and then layer the cake circles in a glass jar with layers of chocolate icing, fresh cream, jam or anything else that takes your fancy. Perhaps ice cream for an immediate treat. Again, top the cake dessert with beautiful decorations that share the joy of Easter, whether you love fresh chocolate shavings and mascarpone or a pile of fresh berries with a sprinkle of icing sugar and a sprig of mint.

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