​Celebrating the rustic look with wicker

​Celebrating the rustic look with wicker

Posted by The Wares Team on 7th Jun 2021

The rustic look never goes out of fashion for our interiors. It works well for all kinds of rooms and has the beauty of being inexpensive and vastly customisable, allowing you to put your own creative stamp on your style and have fun creating beautiful displays and arrangements in each room.

If you own a business - such as beauty, food retail or services business - you'll also find that wicker works extremely well for your premises. Just picture beautiful wicker baskets filled with spa products at your beauty therapy business, or wicker hampers packed with delicious food goodies or treats in your cafe or food retail business.

How to create the country style look

Have fun creating a colourful, richly-textured, unique and comfortable interior that speaks to your love of 'home'. Country style is all about creating a space where you feel happy, inspired, comfortable and able to truly relax. It isn't necessarily on-trend or expensive, and it relies on the use of natural materials and textures such as wood, wicker, ceramics, fabrics, wools and so on.

Wicker storage baskets

Pile logs in a large wicker basket or use wicker hampers to store pretty bath bombs or guest towels. Wicker is sustainable, natural and it lasts for years. What's more, it has that essential warmth of colour and tactile texture which makes it so appealing to use in your home. Highly affordable and flexible, you'll find that an investment in wicker hampers or wicker baskets pays off as you can use them for almost anything, both in and outdoors.

Country styled furniture

This is the perfect theme for antique, upcycled or homemade furniture. Have fun trawling vintage stores, auction houses or second-hand stores and add your own stamp to quality original pieces by adding paint, new handles or interior design textures for fading and distressing. You may find you develop a love for interior restoration in the process! Why not try your hand at repainting a quality wooden bedside table, adding glass handles to a pine chest of drawers or even trying out reupholstering the cushions on an old Chesterfield. At the very least, a wooden dining table will provide that soft, tactile warmth that every room needs and it's very easy to make your own country pattern cushions for dining chairs!

Wall hangings

Add warmth, colour, design and storytelling with personalised wall hangings that share your love of style and family. Patchwork is fun to do and easy and it's the perfect country themed interior choice. Look for vintage wall-hangings or even try hanging rugs. Many cultures across the world hang rugs, tapestries, sheepskins, patchworks and samplers to create beautiful, fascinating and unique interiors.

Texture and colour

This design scheme absolutely rests on texture and colour. Try experimenting with a warm theme for a traditional country interior, using natural brown shades, rich reds, moss greens and perhaps some subtle metallic accents for depth. Or go cool for a coastal theme, with washed blues, soft greys and cool creams. There are no rules to follow here, however. Simply go with the shades that you love and try making a mood board to check that the resulting look for work for your particular aesthetic. Remember that your home should first be a place to live and love, so go with the shades and designs that really appeal to you.


The country or rustic look can be adapted to suit all kinds of theme, including coastal, tropical, French or shabby chic. Have fun looking for inspiration in magazines, on Pinterest or in books, and then combine them with your own creative ideas so that you can really create a space that you love! The great thing about this style is that it can be individual and eclectic and there are no rules to follow. It also needn't be expensive as you can use recycled or pre-loved items and also make your own soft furnishings, flower arrangements and decorations for personality. Our top tip? Don't forget plenty of candles for soft lighting and home fragrance to complete the effect. Pot pourri in a wicker basket, a scented candle or a vase of beautiful seasonal blooms are a wonderful treat to come home to.

Finding the materials you need

Wares of Knutsford has a huge range of wicker baskets, wicker hampers, glass jars, glass bottles and other essentials for making your home beautiful, well-organised and eco-friendly. Create a chic and organised interior with our carefully selected products which are always sold at the most competitive prices, and with superb customer service. Can't find what you are looking for? Our friendly team is here to help, and you'll find plenty of inspiration, tips and ideas on our website too, with new products being added all the time. Most orders are currently being shipped within 2-3 days but please tell us if you need your order more urgently. With our commitment to old-fashioned service and courtesy we'll do our utmost to accommodate your needs.