​Caring for the environment with eco-friendly packaging

​Caring for the environment with eco-friendly packaging

Posted by The Wares Team on 1st Jun 2022

At Wares of Knutsford, we are fully committed to protecting the environment and finding ways to be as sustainable as we can. After all, single-use plastics are still ending up in landfill in vast volumes, and non-recyclable materials are still used for all types of manufacturing. We know that there is a better way, and a way that is actually highly traditional and which uses the materials that our grandparents tended to use.

There is no real reason to use non-recyclable plastic around the home. In nearly all cases there is a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative which usually serves to protect our family's health and wellbeing at the same time. After all, many plastics are filled with chemicals that are entirely questionable for our health - and completely damaging to fragile, natural ecosystems.

Better choices for eco-friendly packaging

All of the products and packaging that we sell are made from eco-friendly materials, designed to support the environment and to aid the drive towards a more sustainable future. For example:


We sell a wide range of glass bottles, glass jars and other glass products that are all made from recycled material and which can be recycled again endlessly. Glassware is safe and non-toxic as it doesn't have any chemicals that can leach into the contents. It is naturally beautiful, surprisingly sturdy and easy to clean and sterilise. Glassware is also highly versatile and our glasses, bottles and jars can be used for canning, preserving, making jam, making fruit gins, fermenting or simply storing spices, craft items or confectionary for picture-worthy pantries.


Our wicker hampers and wicker baskets are also extremely 'green'. They are made from natural wicker which is plant-derived and simply woven to make beautiful, timeless and highly functional pieces that can be used for everything from gifting to storage and organisation. If they are well cared for, wicker products can last for decades. Wicker is also very versatile so you'll find plenty of pieces to suit all occasions. Our customers use wicker in the kitchen to store utensils or napkins, in the bathroom to display pretty bath products or as gifting supplies to make home-made hampers or gift boxes for loved ones.


If you own a takeaway business, cafe, catering firm or any other kind of food takeaway service, then our Vegwares products will definitely fit the bill. Vegware is high quality, compostable takeaway packaging made from plant-based materials. It doesn't use any plastic at all and it's a great way of serving food in a stylish, high-quality way without waste. Our customers are big fans of Vegwares and you'll find a wide range of tubs, containers, plates, hot drinks cups and more - all at fantastic prices. Take a look and discover the Vegwares difference today. If you own a food business, your customers will also love your commitment to a greener planet.

Our own business model

We pride ourselves on having a true 'Wares Cares' set of values and we work hard to create a business that is truly sustainable. For example, we already have advanced facilities for recycling cardboard within our own business, but we recognise that not all businesses can do the same. So we offer these facilities to other businesses near to our industrial estate premises, so that everyone around us can recycle their cardboard and do their bit.

We work hard to strip plastic out of our business operation too and we remove it from all orders. We are using digital communications where possible, paper receipts and strong cardboard and brown paper packaging. Our aim is to only use retail and packaging materials that can biodegrade into compost. We adopt the same approach in our business and try to buy recycled paper for our own consumables use, along with recyclable or reusable cups in our kitchen, refillable ink cartridges for printers and low-energy lightbulbs across our offices. Our staff work hard to constantly look for ways to adopt a greener approach to our business, whether that's by minimising unnecessary car journeys and commuting or by switching our tea from bleached tea sachets to non-bleached, environmentally-friendly teas in the office. We are always striving to learn more about environmentally friendly living and we work hard to source products, recognising that our customers want to do the same.

Find out more

If you have any questions about how to be more eco friendly in your home, the Wares team is here to help. Whether you want to create your own eco-friendly wedding favours, create a beautiful kitchen pantry with sustainable materials or even switch out damaging cling film for recyclable bees wrap, we can offer suggestions and advice. Our delivery rates are highly competitive, our prices are affordable and our service is renowned for being first-rate. Experience the Wares of Knutsford difference today and discover a retail brand that really does care.