​Canning with Weck Jars

​Canning with Weck Jars

Posted by The Wares Team on 30th Jun 2022

If you're familiar with canning, aspire to a beautiful kitchen or just love having an organised pantry, then you've probably already heard of the famous Weck jar.

Weck jars are very similar to Mason jars in all but one key difference, they don't have the threaded groove that you see at the top of a Mason jar. But like their Mason cousins, they have been around for hundreds of years, and are perfect for canning, preserving, fermenting and storing. Why do we love Weck jars? Here are just some reasons:

- Their style is simple and timeless, and they look beautiful in a row

- They can be used for a wide variety of purposes

- Weck bottles can be used for water canning and pressure canning

- Weck jars are extremely cost-effective, so you can enjoy canning, preserving and beautifying your storage spaces without breaking the bank

- They are very simple to use with their clamp fastenings at the side

- They are environmentally-friendly, as the jars are made from glass rather than plastic, and they will last for years with careful use

- Even better, these canning jars are dishwasher friendly so you can clean and sterilise them in one go

- They also come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and styles so you can find exactly the right product for your kitchen

Get the most from canning

If you're new to canning, here are some great tips to ensure you get the best possible results:

- Don't worry about warming your lids beforehand, it's simply not necessary

- Sterilise Weck jars easily in the oven. Wash them in soapy water beforehand and then place them in an oven of around 160-180ºC for around 15 mins. Gently remove them with an oven glove and place them on a clean surface before use.

- Try using frozen fruits for preserves and jams; they work surprisingly well and give you access to affordable and more exotic sources of fruit if your garden supplies are running low.

- Looking for a ready bubbling tool? Try a chopstick!

- It's worth investing in an electric water bath canner as it can save your glass cooktop and also free up valuable space in the kitchen

- If you don't have a canning pot you can also use a stockpot and add a cooling rack

- Another great technique to try is steam canning, and many canning experts say that it is actually better than boiling water bath methods.

- Remember that correctly canned foods can last for longer than a year if you store them away from heat or light.

- There are a huge number of recipes on the internet for canning and preserving but it's important to read the specific guidance for Weck products before you use these jars.

Other ideas for using Weck jars

This famous brand isn't just suitable as a canning jar, versatile Wecks can be used for all kinds of purposes! For example, fill mini Wecks with flavoured rosemary salt for a wedding favour, or use them to store pretty bath salts as a gift for friends. Take your Weck on the go with a layered salad or use them to create delicious puddings and chill directly in the fridge. These glass jars are also popular with interior decorators to create terrariums or to make beautiful tealight decorations for the home. Place strands of battery-operated tealights inside, and you have a safe nightlight too.

If you're a fan of meat and BBQ rubs, make these up beforehand and store them in your canning jars with labels for easy identification. You can also use Wecks to make flavoured and chilled teas in advance, ideal for hot days. Fill them with sweets and homemade fudge for loved ones, create a layered breakfast parfait or layer up cookie ingredients for a ready gift for children. There are so many ways to use these extremely versatile jars, and they can also be spray painted and decorated with chalk paint, ribbons, glitter paint or anything that takes your fancy for a decorate posy jar or storage container. Let your imagination guide you.

Discover the full Weck range

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