​Candle making for Christmas

​Candle making for Christmas

Posted by The Wares Team on 20th Oct 2021

Over the past few weeks we've been sharing some ideas about making gifts for Christmas, and starting to get firmly into the holiday spirit! From making use of glass jars for bath salts, cookie mixes and festive bakes, we're now moving on to a hobby that we know some of our customers are really passionate about - candle making!

The Wares of Knutsford team all love candles at home, especially beautifully scented candles made from natural waxes such as soy and beeswax. With us all spending more time at home and with winter approaching, now is the perfect time to celebrate home comforts. So why not make your own? You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make luxurious candles with your own natural waxes and essential oils, and you only need a few materials to get started.

The process of making candles

It's surprisingly easy to make your own candles when you've invested in your supplies. Firstly, cover your working area with newspaper or a protective cover, as wax splashes can be difficult to get out of fabrics! Next, place your wick into your glass jar (candle jars are ideal but you can also use small glass mason jars, small glass jam jars or even recycle glass jars from candles that have been used up - be creative!) The wick will be weighted down by the aluminium base and it should stand up neatly. Then, warm up your wax on a hot stove or in the microwave, according to the instructions. Wax blends are typically presented as small beads which then slowly melt when warmed.

As they melt you can also add the essential oils or fragrance oils of your choice. Again, follow recipes or instructions to get the right amounts. Lavender and geranium blends will make a relaxing candle, or you could try a combination of orange and spearmint essential oil for an uplifting fragrance. When the wax has completely melted, pour it into your glass jar and use an ice lolly stick, skewer or pencil to balance the wick in place.

Once the wax has cooled you can trim the wick and decorate your glass candle jar to create a beautiful gift-worthy piece. Try adding coloured raffia, a bow or even painting the glass with metallic patterns for a beautiful gift that will be ideal for the holiday season.

Scent blends to try

You can buy specialist fragrance oils to make candles or blend your own with essential oils. Essential oils are natural and have powerful health and wellbeing benefits, but some people are sensitive to certain ingredients, so you can adjust your blends accordingly. Some nice ideas to start with include:

- Lavender and vanilla in equal parts
- Fragrance oils such as chocolate, orange, ginger and almond for a confectionary-themed candle
- Apple, grapefruit and cinnamon for an energising blend
- Peppermint, lemongrass and a dash of eucalyptus to clear the mind
- Citronella is also the classic choice for keeping unwanted insects away from any winter barbecues!

Using colours

Did you know that you can also use natural ingredients to colour candles? For example, spirulina provides a green colour, annatto seeds turn wax into a warm yellow shade, and madder roots provide a soft peach shade. Research and experiment and you'll find a whole world of candle creations out there to try! For example, as you become more confident, you can add colour pigments into the wax as it cools and then swirl it around to create coloured patterns before it sets entirely. The trick is to start simple and try more complex products as you become more confident with the techniques and materials.

Stocking up on the materials you need

We have bought in a great selection of candle jars for our craft-minded customers this season. We recommend our range of Bonta candle jars, as well as deluxe glass food jars in the 300ml and 500ml sizes for larger candle pours. Keep an eye out on our website too for a new range of specialist candle jars that are coming shortly. The easiest way to stay up to date is to sign up for our newsletter and to follow our social media feeds so you can get the heads up on new releases, product lines, special deals, news, competitions and offers!

Discover the Wares difference

You'll find a wonderful range of glass jars, decorative items and other craft supplies at Wares of Knutsford. We pride ourselves on offering superb customer service, excellent prices and a large product range. For any queries you have, please contact our friendly team who are on hand during working hours and who will do their utmost to assist you. We look forward to offering you the Wares experience and helping you to enjoy candle-making and other seasonal crafts this winter from your well-stocked kitchen!