​Amazing miniature glass bottles with crown caps

​Amazing miniature glass bottles with crown caps

Posted by The Wares Team on 15th Feb 2021

Miniature glass bottles have been the darling go-to product of wedding planners, home crafters, corporate swag wizards and avid glassware collectors for eons. Online galleries overflow with personalised, genius gifts utilising miniature glass bottles. It’s hard to imagine their popularity skyrocketing even further. Yet that is exactly what is about to happen.

Miniature glass bottles and the global evolution

The year 2021 marks the first steps towards the collective 'new normal'. Hotly anticipated corporate, wedding and party trends for 2021 reveal exciting and innovative solutions to 2020s restrictions. The global pandemic was the catalyst for other changes brewing in the background to occur. What do miniature glass bottles have to do with global evolution, we hear you ask? Everything.

Environmental, technological and wellness trends have been around for the past few years. But we were so busy. Rushing around cities, the countryside and globe working 18 hours a day, away from home. It took the pandemic and extended periods locked down to authentically reset and recapture what matters most. We may return to a semblance of our previous way of life, but there are seismic changes.

The way we entertain, celebrate and gather together has changed irrevocably. Digital platforms have found their niche and people are loving the solutions they provide. Hybrid and micro events are tipped to be the biggest corporate event trends of the year. Wedding planners continue to celebrate small gatherings, savouring the intimacy with bespoke gifts. Home crafters maintain their steady spread of good cheer with stunning inventions.

Crown top bottles: Hygienic solutions helping us feel secure

The world is looking for enthusiasm, dynamic energy and colour. We want to celebrate. Hygienic solutions provide a solid reassuring presence, enabling all of us to continue taking brave steps forward. Yet we are evocative creatures. We value heritage and tradition. In fact, diversity is celebrated now more than ever.

Humans are expressing themselves, their culture and traditions like never before. Diversity is respected and lauded for the multi-faceted reflection of a flourishing society. The stage is set for savvy solutions bridging the old and the new. Ingenious hygienic solutions offer new ways of being, working and celebrating together.

What better way to revitalise the elegance and bespoke genius of miniature glass bottles than using crown top bottles? Crown capped miniature bottles are gorgeously retro, highlighting our devotion to tradition. The securely fixed crown top reassures guests at weddings, corporate events and ecommerce shoppers that the product is utterly hygienic. Let’s add some colour, to show we are serious. Miniature bottles with cheerful primary coloured caps, perhaps even a union jack or two.

Faux cake to colourful crown top bottles show everyone hygiene is fun!

Thoughtful hygienic solutions reassure everyone and underscore the overarching trend on display pretty much everywhere we go: wellness. For example, the latest trend for children’s birthday parties includes a ‘faux cake’ for the honoured birthday person to blow those candles out with traditional gusto. Party guests enjoy real cake waiting at a pandemic approved distance.

Subtle hygienic solutions are the best way to reassure guests they are safe. We all want to celebrate, move forward and do the right thing. We are understandably apprehensive. Products that remove lingering doubt are going to be popular. Products that leapfrog over lingering doubt and pop a smile on faces will be in high demand. Offering a recognisable favourite such as the miniature glass bottle in a new way bridges the gap beautifully.

Miniature glass crown top bottles deliver savvy business solutions

If you are wondering how on earth you affix the crown cap to the bottle, we’ve investigated that too. Hand held magnetised bottle cappers do the job easily, with no mess and no effort. No worries about spillage or leakage, either. Every bespoke bottle is gorgeous, completely secure and hygienic. You can pick up a hand held bottle capper for crown caps for less than a week’s worth of takeaway coffee.

Small businesses are constantly looking for clever ways to create quality products, while reducing unnecessary expense. Miniature glass crown top bottles are a colourful, elegant and hygienic winner. Capture the latest trends. Ideal for bottling wellness potions such as water kefir (there are lots of quality homemade recipes available online). Perfect for classic cocktail treats for parties and weddings. Children’s party guests will adore personalised milkshakes.

Subtle nods to hygiene, especially for corporate events, wedding gifts, children’s parties and creative ecommerce cannot be underestimated. New horizons are exciting, but we need time to adjust! Sophisticated hygienic solutions packaged as colourful giveaways maintain forward momentum. Thoughtfulness is the key to outstanding customer service. People want to feel safe and understood. Who knew crown top glass bottles were the poster product of the evolution. We are just as delighted as you are!