BioCane 84mm Takeaway Sauce Pot Lid (Natural)

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BioPak 84mm Sugarcane Lid for 90ml/120ml Sample Pot

These 84mm deli sauce container lids fit the 90ml and 120ml sugarcane pots. Ideal for serving sauces and dips to your customers. A great idea for portion control, or a way to serve small samples, tasters and condiments.

These biodegradable lids are plastic free, made from renewable sugarcane pulp. Making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic.

Here are some product benefits:

  • Handy Lid for the 90ml and the 120ml Dipping pot.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from renewable sugarcane, a waste product from the sugar-cane industry.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint than conventional plastic by 75%

  • We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the whole BioPak range!

  • Home Compostable NF T51-800. Will biodegrade into natural elements when composted at home.

  • Compatible Pot: 90ml Sugarcane Sauce Pot  120ml Sugarcane Sauce Pot


Diameter: 84mm


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