BioBoard 500ml Noodle Hot Food Takeaway Box

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BioBoard 500ml Takeaway Noodle Boxes

This Kraft noodle takeaway container is ideal for hot and cold foods and is suitable for use in the microwave. Perfect for Chinese fast food, takeaways and street food outlets with an envelope style folding lock closure. They are coated with a plant based, bioplastic lining, making them grease-proof and water-resistant. A climate friendly alternative to disposable plastic boxes.

A biodegradable box made from paperboard sourced from managed plantations. This preserves biodiversity and habitats.


  • Small Noodle Box - Ideal food boxes for takeaway food.

  • Environmentally Friendly - BioBoard hot food boxes are sourced from managed plantations.

  • Disposable takeaway box suitable for commercial composting.
  • We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the whole BioPak range!

  • Suitable for industrial composting. Certified to EN13432 meaning when disposed of correctly the product will biodegrade into natural elements.

  • Waterproof, plant based bioplastic lining.

  • Food safety certified BRC

  • This paper takeaway hot food box is available in other sizes. 


70 x 80 x 98mm

Capacity: 500ml

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