14cm Stainless Steel Adjustable Jam Funnel

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Large capacity stainless steel funnel with a robust handle and a size adaptor for filling both small and large bottles and preserving jars. Ideal for bottling and preserving a variety of jams, vinegar, oils and cordials in an easy and clean way.


Size: 14cm

5 Reviews

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    Adjustable jam funnel

    20th Jan 2022


    This is a robust bit of kit which does the job well, and is easy to wash up!

  • 5
    Excellent jam funnel

    22nd Oct 2019

    Paul Buckley

    Exactly what I needed to fill small wedding favor jars. Good piece of equipment

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    Perfect for the Job

    20th Sep 2017


    This product is versatile giving a choice of funnel sizes depending on the size of your jars. The smaller funnel is easily detached for jars with larger necks. It's dishwasher proof too. I'm happy to recommend this product as an essential piece of kit for all your preserving needs.

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    does what i want

    18th Jul 2017


    Very pleased, I can now fiill tiny glass jars and larger ones with the same funnel, less clutter and more speed.

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    Fantastic bit of kit

    26th Dec 2016


    Now that I'm getting into this home made jam making thing I thought I'd best invest in some kit to make life a bit easier. Trying to fill small sample jar and full size jars has been a bit of a juggling act but not any more. Once you have a handle on your portion sizes this funnel is the business when it comes to filling the jars. It comes with an attachment to that fit very snuggly and clicks into place under the main funnel shute which is great for filling small width neck jars. When filling full sized or larger jar just remove the attachment and you've got a wider funnel. Being stainless steel makes it so easy to clean. My tip would be if you plan to use both sizes of funnel, after washing fit the attachment back to the main funnel and then you're not going to be hunting for other later when you need it.

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