Vegware 8oz PLA Round Deli Container (50/500)

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8oz PLA Round Deli Container (Packs of 50 and 500)

Vegware round deli containers are perfect for cold deli counter items, snacks, fruit based salads and cold deserts.

Made from PLA which is a renewable material created from plants.

Vegware is a visionary brand, the global specialists in plant-based compostable food service packaging.

Where commercial composting is available, these items can be included with food waste which will break down in under 12 weeks! 


  • A change from plastic storage!

  • Eco-friendly takeaway deli container

  • Great seal and easy stacking!

  • Award-winning

  • Packs of 50 and 5000

  • Commercially compostable where accepted

  • Need a lid? 120mm PLA Lid


Eco-friendly and compostable

Made from plants and ready to recycle! Commercial composting creates the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth.

This means that instead of being buried or burnt your compostable catering waste creates nutrient/rich compost that helps plants thrive.



Top diameter: 118mm

Height: 39mm



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