Vegware 16oz CE PLA Cold Printed Cup (96-series) (50/1000)

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16oz/400ml CE Takeaway Plain PLA Cold Cup (packs of 50 or 1000)

Vegware PLA cold cups come in a range of sizes suitable for cold drinks of all kinds such as milkshakes and juices.

PLA is a sustainable renewable plant-based material. We have two cold cup sizes available with the choice of two lids available!

  • Plant-based

  • Suitable for cold drinks and deserts

  • Made from PLA and renewable materials made from plants!

  • Award-winning quality cup!

  • Commercially compostable where accepted

  • Available in packs of 50 and 1000 

  • Need a lid? Dome Lid With Straw HolePLA Flat Lid with Straw Hole


Disposable PLA cold cups

The benefits of PLA are several.

  • PLA is made from renewable plant material which is light, strong, clear and food safe!

  • Lower carbon emissions in manufacture than oil-based plastics.

  • PLA is commercially compostable where facilities exist.



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